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I started of my life at the age of 12 when I thought I was a big man, mature enough to talk to people and interact with them, gradually I started to mingle with people what today’s world calls “Bad company”, a gathering where I used to smoke cigarettes and do whatever we are not supposed to do, but I would term those day as the “Best days of my life”. I managed to leave school with respectable grades and got into a reputable high school. Now It was time for high school, (A place where usually people think they are mature and get into a relationship), I still kept some distance with the girls, not because of the religious point of view, but because I was too shy and there I was termed as “GAY”, I managed to complete my a’ levels with awful grades and got into a university ranked second in Karachi, I was too lucky or God was helping His unthankful creature. I would come back to my high school days which were quite troublesome for me, these were the days when I had hormonal changes and I was going through a phase that was unbearable. If I keep that simple, it was actually I was growing faster than my age and this was the time when I met different sorts of people. The school faculty was always annoyed and with my name came the anger. When I got admissions in university I was a CEO of an advertisement agency that I had started just after my high school. The advertising agency started to earn handsome profits and suddenly I planned to shut the business down because my term grades were affected, the idea changed again and I sat on the executive seat after four months of first shut down. Slowly but surely I started to earn recognition, this fun loving guy was now transforming into a nerd, a guy who had more than seven-fifty friends on facebook in two months time, Television interviews, radio interviews, socializing with political personals, dinner with corporate people was a everyday opulence. Spending time with friends was a weekly treat along with parties and all, friends were an integral part of my life, this may be because I never mingled with my family cousins or may be the communication gap could never be bridged between the two of us, I was the youngest of all and comparing kids in our family was an everyday activity and that would lit fire right under my ass. I may not be competent enough to race with people in studies but I was a marketing mastermind. I may not write things relating “me” being a mastermind because this blog would be seen globally. As I was on my path to achieve a plenty of things in my life I progressively became a regular smoker, and my life was shortening from the other end. Coming back to my university life, it was a life people starve for and fortunately I would be spending an extra year gaining my diploma/degree. I was a lavish spender and as a result a couple of people thought I was into things that were not legally accepted. The university life is in progress and I hope the moments of life I shoot are worth watching.

I have been into gatherings where members of political parties usually sat and gossiped and for that reason, my knowledge for political parties enhanced and I joined NGO’s like UYK and I own Karachi as a head research analyst. These days of my professional life were filled with tension and depression where surviving alone was as if surviving in a jungle with trees all around, at this point of time I had an angel who was like a brother to me, a man of dignity, courage and decorum, belonging to a respectable family, a guy who would give everything for your sake. His name was Faizan Masood, you could tell him everything without fearing that he would backbite or spread scandals, he would sit by my side and share every misery in his life and I would tell him everything I’ve been going through. Honestly if gay marriages were legal, I would marry him for sure. He was a guy who I have been friends with since my High School days.

Going back to my O’level days I had a couple of friends thereto, but the famous group of six also known as the famous six were filtered later after the o’level days. This group of friends had love, fun, enjoyment and more importantly the friendship has been fifteen years old now. These people had been with me from my kindergarten days. The group had Moiz Khan, an intellect by nature, Fahd Mukkadam, Fatso, Hassan Qadir, who had some sort of inferiority complex with other members he was compared with, Ali, a wannabe, Yasir khan, people say he had an attack which made him speechless and last of all me. This group of six, I could have not lived without. Unfortunately two members went abroad to pursue their future education and now we are left with four.

Roydon D’mello, a bitch by nature, oh sorry a dog by nature, he is the dude, wanted in girls, hn685050550_6523419_6925157as done a lot for me, he dreams of being a CEO- CEO of chai ka dhabba :-)…love you man

Finally comes a group of friends which were termed as a group of GAY, this group had the tendency to change any women into man who entered the group e.g. Urooj was renamed to Dilawar and madiha was renamed as Mushtaq. This group was relatively related with many people but till the university level it had Maroof, the only guy who does not have the ability to smoke, Mudassir, his body hair grow right from his chin and Madiha, if you want tuitions to laugh, she has mastered the course and last but not the least Sennen D’souza, a man born with excuses people say his birth was also an excuse. So far this group is no more restricted to people but it keeps on changing people keep coming and leaving.


Shahmeer Magsi, our very own Shaggy Maggy, my mentor, coach, teacher and a fun loving guy. He has done everything he could to be a perfect teacher. I would definitely love to keep in touch with him for rest of my life. Fahad Zuberi, trustable guy with a little attitude problem, my teacher and mentor. Naba Khan, my teacher, a bank of solutions and cutest of all.

Some people in my life have played vital role, they are the ones who I’ve met a months back or are resting in peace.

Late Maria Iqbal


Shoaib Patel


Mustafa Dawood
Late Sami Iqbal


Faizan Usman


Muhammad Ali
Late Saad Shah


Fahad Shah


Muhammad Sharif
Late Muhammad Ali


Asad Shah Shafiq Bhutto
Late Munawar Zia


Ashar Raza Ismat Hashmi
Late Shuja Zameer


Virdah Hassan Urooj Ilyas
Late Muneeb Shahid


Wajiha Inam Peer Shifa


There are many more to mention, but I’m lacking time and space

The people who I have mentioned in this blog, I hope I could meet you people on your next visit as I don’t know when I will submit my life to god. I won’t comment on the topic or debate on it.

This blog was dedicated to my friends, so people belonging to my family; don’t get annoyed as I would soon be writing a blog on family, as soon as I get something to write. People who I have not mentioned is not because they mean nothing to me but because the blog is getting to long and no one would read it.

  1. Mushtaq says:

    thanx bro for considering us as best buddies……..
    loved it Mr. Nerd n Genius…;)
    don worry u’ll meet awl da people u want bcz u r not going any where so earlyyy and we are not going to leave u so easily… but i would suggest 1 thing as i always do plzzzzz stop smokingggggg..!!!!!

  2. Moiz Khan says:

    Words alone cannot describe the great times we had together. Bless the “Famous Six”

  3. Yep i’l try hard to quit

  4. the famous six were a peaceful gang -) and still is

  5. Faizan Masood says:

    I wont marry you bro! 😛
    This is one good description man! keep it up!

    Friends for life!

  6. Bhutto says:

    20 years but they seem like 40 years. Fantastic dude.i’m waiting for another one

  7. wakeel says:

    i miss my name!!!bt well written..dis remind me of times i had spent wit u!! all the best wishes!

  8. vakeel there are still plenty of names left. Inshallah i’ll dedicate a blog to you…

  9. ashar says:

    a beautiful sum-up man!! .. awsum!! 🙂 .. frnds and CHECKMATE for life!!! 😀 …

  10. Imtiaz Rafiq says:


  11. faheem kirmani says:

    Awesome beginning

  12. Zainab says:


  13. Jo Hart says:

    A Wonderful Post 🙂

  14. Catherine says:

    A Wow piece of writing 🙂

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