Weeping Tears…

Posted: October 13, 2009 in Flashback..
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The first blog was a hit fit, still I forgot to mention some very important people in it, and I would try getting over with it in this one. Actually I had risked everything in life, may be for fun, honor, adventure and to show off. Whenever I screw up things I always had God standing by my side and helping me out of the quick sand. If I rank people who have helped me in life then the super power stands first, though I am unthankful to him and betray him every time, he gives me chances and I always ask for one more. Muneeb Shahid, a very good friend of mine, passed away three years back in a cross fire between political enmity, he wasn’t given any chance, life moves on and we one by one head towards our final destination, I may die tomorrow and people may forget me with their past. Sami Iqbal, another victim in this world, who died of a car accident last year, he never knew karma would get him so early. This seventeen year old lad wanted to be an engineer but Alas! Life deceived him in his teenage. I may be next. People say Satan has a long life and so do I, I agree to it but God doesn’t grade me as Satan.

Life is a bitch, a statement said by almost everyone, as this world is termed as tyrannical. We ourselves have made it cruel. You bully a dog and expect him, not to bite. This world and dog are synonyms. I, being a patriot respect my country but have we done anything for it? We are born like a cowards and die like one; even if we are courageous we blame our parents or family for not letting us be a patriot/work or die for the country. We get to live in this world only once; life is short, so live like a soldier and die like a martyr. Fahad Raes, another part of my life, was caught by the Pakistani agency and was blamed of involvement in terrorist activities. This man had courage and was a true patriot. The definitive torture by the brutal forces made him insane and thus he landed in a mental asylum in Hyderabad. This guy has been left alone since 2007. No one has seen him since then, just because of the fear that we may get caught in the same case. A man who dosent even know the meaning of terrorism is caught in terrorist activities. I still love my country but hate its contents. You leave your home every day with the intention of not returning again, you’ll either get killed, kidnapped or raped, and if incase you return your heart is broken, someone has either ditched you or you just saw the real faces of life.

When people walk away from you, let them go, your destiny is never tied to anybody who leaves you and it also doesn’t mean that they are bad people, it just means that their part in your story is over. Life is like a story book; divided into chapters with multiple characters and you never know what will happen next. We got independence in 1947 but we got dependent on corruption. We screw up lives as if it is nothing for us. People are killed in a brutal manner as if this country has become a slaughter house.

A preventive war, to my mind, is an impossibility today. How could you have one, if one of its features would be several cities lying in ruins, several cities where many, many thousands of people would be dead and injured and mangled…. That isn’t preventive war; that is war….. It seems to me that when, by definition, a term is just ridiculous in itself, there is no use in going any further.

  1. Shahmeer Magsi says:

    Gud one!! like it =) u shud write more!!

  2. zainab says:

    life is a joker..u hate it more than nything and u love it even after it drives u insane….:(

  3. Ayesha Pervaiz says:

    Sentimental, write more and do text me when you write more

  4. Jo Hart says:

    A Wonderful Post 🙂

  5. Catherine says:

    A Wow piece of writing 🙂

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