Posted: October 21, 2009 in Flashback..

Life never seems to be the way we want it, but, we live in the best way we can, there is no perfect life but we can fill it with perfect moments. You never know what to expect every day. You could wake up thinking it’s a good day and by the end of the night you get a really bad surprise. You never know what life brings in your path, it sucks when you hit that bump on the road when it’s something that really hurts. All there is to do is go on with life and hope for the best, and make a better person out of you. I hope I can and I’ll give it a shot.

Mustafa Daud Wasim, a man who lives on this planet for the heck of it, he is a moron, if you want to talk to him call him between 10pm-12am and the rest of the hours, he is high. We have had some very good memories; especially we’ve spent the most adventurous Valentine’s Day together and Gloria’s stick was awesome that brought him a little embarrassment. I’ve been his driver for quite a long time and fortunately I managed to smash three (3) Mercedes in one single day, hope I’m able to buy one so I’ll drive carefully. Ending this reminiscence I would now talk generally.

Everyone wants to enjoy life and make it an example, some fail due to family priorities, some have religious restrictions or some are too shy to socialize. But I have done everything to make life a blast. Aren’t these restricted people have right to enjoy. Enjoyment is a circle divided into 3 sects, religion, personality and family. Move these boundaries and let these things mesh, you’ll automatically get time for everything and you’ll perhaps enjoy life.

I have faced religious problems right from the beginning, may be because I have been an only shitte Muslim in my school, high school and doubtless university. I am proud to be a shitte, I don’t know why people argue on religion when they themselves are not conversant enough, and actually when you provide them with perfect rationalization still they label you as a non-Muslim or say shitty things. I’m not a religious guy at all, but facing these bastards everyday has made me enough literate to compete with the people belonging to other sects. I have been sitting in religious gatherings for quite a long time and these people are those who term Shittes as non-Muslims, I don’t mind.

My Dad, an ultimate successful business man, and a man who is too good for me. His knowledge is as vast as a river that keeps on flowing and anyone thirsty can take a sip from it. If you are stuck somewhere in religious matters or even face problems in life, this man would surely show you the tunnel leading out. I had some personal conflicts with this splendid man but still I count him second after Allah almighty. Gatherings, which I used to attend, try their level best to convert you to their sect but my dad and his knowledge has kept me firm on my religion. Practically everyone terms his religion/sect as the best, so do we, but has anyone proved Shittes as non-Muslims, like some of the sects, I don’t want to name them.

Moving further, Sudais Abdullah, an ultimate derider, calls himself a religious scholar, but actually he is worst than a prostitute. A prostitute sells here body, where as this guy sells his religion, his long beard is just like a decoration piece on his huge face. I have been a victim of his mocking in my o’levels and fortunately, the ball is in my court now. I don’t mean to humiliate this guy. A couple of days back I met a prostitute for my social sciences project, She said I pray and simultaneously I am a prostitute, I pray to thank god for giving me this slender body which I can use positively and earn money, same is the case with Sudais Abdullah who has lately been renamed to Jalli Mulla.

This corner of my life is one of the most frustrating dark corners, I have managed to fill some light but still there is quite a large area left to enlighten.

  1. Roydon says:

    its never easy being a minority, but then again be part of those who rise above this and not who succumb to it and run away. this is an amazing post miqi .. rock on

  2. Result of aggression:-)

  3. Bhutto says:

    Quite aggressive.love it man

  4. Zaki Jawed says:

    Quite controversial piece of writing, what if this guy reads the blog???

  5. Sara Parker says:

    Fine piece of Writing 🙂

  6. Jo Hart says:

    A Wonderful Post 🙂

  7. Catherine says:

    A Wow piece of writing 🙂

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