Four Angels…

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Flashback..
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It’s your smile that kills me. That, and the way you laugh, so easily and heartily. Oh, and your affection, given so freely, so consistently, so sweetly.

For everything you do that drives me crazy, there is always the other side: the way you hug me and kiss me and tell me that I irritate you alot, and the mischievous glint in your eye when you realize you have me right where you want me.

You are, my nephew and niece, so quirky and sweet and bright that I can’t help but beam over you. I wonder – stupidly, because as your mamoo I’m capable of no other thought – how anyone could know you and not love you. You are this unique little thing, so much your own person; and the way you continually open my eyes to the world and make life interesting and fun and moving is something for which I will always be grateful. You are pain. You are exhaustion. You are elation and pureness and joy. I wait for you every Wednesday that you would make my day a blast.

I don’t know, Abbi, how you survive my wrestling tactics and every time I’m violent. But we did, and if I can dare say this out loud, I’m afraid of Balloons. And now, from this vantage point that is so much healthier, so much more sane, my thoughts are about all that lies ahead, about this new life we’ve made for ourselves and the way it continues to unfold in beautiful ways.

In a year of hardship, we are still so blessed. You are strong and resilient and smart and happy and healthy, a pre-schooler who loves school and his friends and who never fails to greet and chat with people, even to people who are strangers to you. I remember when you fell down of the bed and had 6 stitches on your forehead, dude you are a soldier, an ideal soldier your parents are proud off.
I wish you a beautiful life and a wonderful year. You are my heart. You are my everything.

Insi Winsi Spider you are the star of my life though, you stay so far, and tata we would definitely wrestle some day and I would compete with you 4 and I’ll stay alone in my team. Your mischievous behaviors stay as a chapter in my life. I call this a perfect family. A small family dipped in a bowl of love.

  1. Mustafa Shaheen says:

    Cute Kids and an emotional blog 🙂

  2. Bhutto says:

    Spectacular Descriptions laid in a rose tray… Awesome

  3. Thanks man..they actually deserve those descriptions 🙂

  4. Zainab says:

    they really r cuties…r u really related to thm?? a very cute blog mamoo!! 😛

  5. Jessica Krupali says:

    Wonderful description dude. your nephews are such sweethearts 🙂

  6. Jo Hart says:

    A Wonderful Post 🙂

  7. Catherine says:

    A Wow piece of writing 🙂

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