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Posted: November 5, 2009 in Random Moments...
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I peeped in my mom’s mind and this is what I saw, it is what she thinks or probably all mum’s think. A blog dedicated to my mom.:-)

Of all the roles of life I got to live so far, bachelorhood has been/is the most rewarding, gratifying, and fulfilling experience for me. My parents are my need and necessity. Everything else and everybody else come a distant second in my life.” You must be wondering where do my friends stand then? I don’t belong to the clan which gushes and praises about the people in their lives. All I would say is, I owe a major part of my grooming and personality to mentors, coaches and friends.

My parents are a part of me and wherever they go and whatever they do, my thoughts and prayers would always be with them. I look forward to everyday and every minute with them but Alas the gap enhances every minute. I enjoy the simple pleasures of life with them like going out for dinner, reading out technological stuff to them and smile to myself when I catch the curiosity in their face. You got to live through those moments to realize how valuable they are.

Motherhood also teaches you a lot of things. It reveals your ability for patience, to take responsibilities and make sacrifices. I remember my mom being ridiculed, my spiky hair style would irritate many in my family and they would taunt my mom for spoiling me. I am not scared of calling them, bastards be it my relatives. People around me called me a “Spoiled ass”.
Motherhood is a big time job! Every word you say, every action of yours has a profound effect in shaping and molding your child’s character. It is always a pressing concern and priority as to what kind of individual am I going to contribute to the society. Where have I back off in being a good child, that I even don’t know.

Motherhood is definitely not for wimps. It has its highs and lows, challenges, conflicts, resistances, responsibilities, and bouts of guilty feelings. I remember reading somewhere that ‘Parenthood is a huge guilt-generating business.’
Motherhood! More So !!! At times, it could be a thankless job even. But certainly, it has its moments of sweetness, satisfaction, love, gratification, and pure joy too. My mom has patience to withstand all the challenges and bear me as a son, who does not believe in humility.

My mom had fears too. She often wondered how it would be when I got out of those short pants and whistling sandals. Will I become the ‘grumpy Mom’ disputing his choice of clothes and friends and make life suffocative for him or will I be the ‘understanding Mom’ sharing my excitement and dreams. Will I force my likes and dislikes on him, or will I be ready to accept and respect his independence?

I’m looking forward for those challenges and changes. I find motherhood a work of courage. In spite of all the anxiety, challenges and hardships involved, I feel I’m living my best life.

I dream to live as a mother and a father to my child and be like my parents.

  1. Safina abrar says:

    Astonishing…write more

  2. Sara siraj says:

    Startling…write one for the friend group 2…:-)

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