A Touch of Annoyance…

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Random Moments...
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I have been desperately waiting for a exceedingly long time to lay a hand on this topic which might be controversial and irritating to many. The topic doesn’t seem like related to my life but it has a huge affect on your social circle and the people around you. This is mainly vulgarity which people love to show off, I don’t know why but actually it is some sort off a psychological disorder or vital hormonal change. I have always been to co-ed institutes where usually both the sexes draw closer, and as you move up the educational hierarchy the subject tends to diversify. Teenage is the time when people usually feel they should have a boyfriend or girlfriend to look after, share emotions, talk and to look after them. But they forget the limit drawn by their family or guardians.

I may not fidget with the religious perspective but socially people tend to open up quite quickly forgetting they reside in a Muslim state, though they are not Muslims but people around them are. I have noticed a girl who was with me back from by childhood and unfortunately now we study in the same university, this girl had countless number of boyfriends and now I met her last week with her newest boyfriend, she did every impossible thing to her boyfriend that she must not have through. Cant people keep these uncontrollable emotions behind private curtains, why to show people how much you love each other, I am sure there might be cleaner ways to show your love. This is not because I never had a girl friend, but I would never want to show how reproduction takes place on the main boulevard.

I have always heard men are more desperate than the female gender but I estimate it’s the other way round, the boy keeps on resisting and you pull him over and take a smooch. Two kinds of people are very dangerous, a man and a woman who are never concerned about their reputation and or being exterminated may turn out to be a prostitute or a sharp shooter (Killer). These people are the most defective ones and I guess the girl I have mentioned above is the perfect example. I won’t mention her name because I believe she may realize one day that the path she has chosen is the wrong one and money and sex is not the whole thing.

There are plenty of more examples, but I deduce examples won’t do anything without the correct plan of action. If people feel they need to have a collaborator before marriage then why to expose every single thing that should be kept in private. Have you ever seen a married couple practicing kisses and sex in public? If people term this as showing love then according to me its not more than showing people, you are not more than a porn star.

When you know these inexcusable people or you have been together with them in high school then it’s more disgusting because people question you, they ask how much does she take for a night stand. Is she warm in bed? And you feel awkward to answer these repulsive questions. If you defend her then you are moved out with mocking, hissing and false allegations and the only solution is to humiliate her as much as you can to get rid of the shit and be with the bad guys.

I have no right to discuss these people in my blog but these dealings affect me in some way or the other. I guess people feel proud of what they do or how strong their bond is but why don’t these shit heads thinks socially, morally and ethically? You go on a date, sit right on each other and become the centre of lure, do these people suffer from inferiority complex or they are the better-quality class of the society? Is it westernization? If it is then soon we are going to have nude beaches and brothels all over the country. Even people in countries like India avoid exposing relationships publicly.

I never had a problem with people having temporary partners or the way they meet (hug, shake hands) but this action of vulgarity has really pissed me off from the day I have seen the girl I have mentioned previously. I may not reference it from any religious or holy book, but we have 2 approaches, religiously and ethically. This is the ethical approach. Even the agnostics/atheists who belong to no religion tend to follow ethics.

  1. Shifa anees says:

    very true…love it

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is this blog a pointing finger towards me?

  3. Ali says:

    I can make out who are u pointing towards miqi?:-)

  4. @anonymous: i dont know you, nor u’ve entered your email. if you think you fall under this category then u may be the one

  5. @Ali: dont name anyone here

  6. Sarfaraz says:

    this is so true!! its just so pathetic to show love scenes in public.. i have also witnessed some friends who did the same n i used to feel so embarrassed when others used to ask me about them but they don’t know what self-esteem is!!
    i sumtym used to feel awkward while sitting wid them.. i wish this vulgarity gets stop some how!

  7. Ultimate hawker says:

    Superb. PDA;-)

  8. lala asad says:

    very emotional!

  9. Mustafa Ghani says:


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