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Here I go with the last blog of this file, Random moments. I have been writing very very fast and I need to slow down so that people cope up with their reading speed. Almost all the blogs are either too sentimental or emotional but I’ll try and put some humor in this one, so you enjoy reading it. This blog contains some very important personalities which has really helped me in some way or the other.

Shahmeer Magsi AKA SHAGGY MAGGY, this specie was my teacher and a very good friend. He is round as a beach ball and he usually scolds me when I do something wrong or silly. I’ve had some very awe-inspiring moments with him, going for breakfast/dinner, gossiping and making life fun… but he still has to fix one meeting with William 😉

Sennen D’souza, this son of a biscuit has millions of excuses and actually he was born because of an excuse. Spending time with him is fun, he is supportive and helps you when you are stuck making a report or a presentation. He is a lazy bump and often behaves like a pregnant lady.

Maroof Motan and Muddasir Ansar, these sons of their mom are true friends, they usually move together and I don’t know why aren’t they twin brothers. We usually exchange bharams and laugh in the end. Currently we are checking out chicks, for which is good and which one is SAB HALAL HAI.

Madiha Kherani and Zainab Abduallah, these two nerds share an apartment, can’t comment about their orientation but they are good friends. They both are from a village called Hyderabad, they’ve come to the city to pursue their future education.

UroojPariyani, this one sick woman is engaged and she makes your life hell, she’ll soon be a patient of ulcer. She sneezes very loud disturbing half a dozen of the class with her sneezes. If you are working in a group then make her the group leader she’ll surely haunt everyone in the group.

Ismat Hashmi… she is irritated by my chewing gum, muddi’s beard, fahd’s hair and a lot more… you read her statuses on facebook and it seems she is the most innocent girl on the planet, earth… a victim spared by tsunami 😉

Roydon D’mello, this man has actually taught me how to write a blog, this son of his mom is a very good friend of fine and has really helped me in every aspect of life.

Sarfaraz Memon, this hairy bitch doesn’t know how to pronounce psychology instead he calls it PSY-CHO-LOO-GYY. You’ll surely love pulling his chest hair; I love to, as a revenge because he once shaved my beard, in other words actually raped me.

Moiz Khan, a pure gentleman now working to get hooked up with a Spanish girl. He is one of the oldest friend since my nursery days. He have had some very memorable times, stealing exam papers and making fun of people around.

Hassan Qadir, Ali, Fahd, Yasir, they are the integral part of the famous six gang, Hassan is now hooked up with s***** and soon they are going to have children, ali is working hard with sadaf and they’ll soon get married. Hope I don’t offend both of them with this…. haha…

Yasir has flunked his CA exams and is now planning how to tackle his dad.. he is usually quiet and thinks what he’l do once he is married

Fahd… this man is a dental man with lots of fat and carbohydrates… this lumion studies hard and competes with everyone be it of his caliber or not 😉

Virda Hassan, a very good friend since my child hood days. Boss of all the girls and very good at academics. She has really put us together, the happy home gang. And I expect a treat from her for her admission in NED.

Wajiha Inam, an ex-ex-Happy Homer. Was or is a good friend, she is good but engaged ;-p. And actually she is a genius and is wasting time in getting married and being a good house wife… Chinioti’s usually think this way…no offence.

Ashar Raza, this son of a moron messes up his life in every way possible. If he talks to a girl he thinks she is his girl friend’s, he imagines getting married with her and soon they both have children…imagining.

Salman Lotia and Sikandar Khan, they usually are the quietest people of the gang. They either don’t speak a word in public or they would mumble to themselves. Sikandar is nick named as jiglo and salman’s nick cannot be said in public…

Shoaib Patel, haha…. You cross on a red light, a cop catches you and starts writing on a challan book, shoaib comes out of his car and says “QASIM PATEL IS MY DADA” cop closes the book and vanishes. This thin little man is a good friend of mine, I could write a whole book on him but due to time and space constraints I would move on. he is not made of nutrients put attitude is his built- in characteristic. 😀

Faizan Usman AKA Memon, this man really gets annoyed when you say GANJA SHAITAN in front of him…lol… leave it aside. He finally got into IQRA and according to him it is the top university and meena kumari is the best female on the planet earth. Fortunately he forgot muzzamil, who he once planned to hook up with… 😉

Fahad Shah, he is a cry baby, he tends to make fun of people but unfortunately these days’ people have made his life hell. He loves zahid a lot and we just come to know that he is gay… 🙂

Asad Shah, this man is too good to be called a friend. He lives quite far but I would do almost every single thing to stay in touch with him.

Mustafa Daud, this son of his mom has a funny dad who is usually out of town. I have spent some fantastic moments with him, from Valentine’s Day till father’s day. And this man is always up to help me out in very shit I drop into.

Afshan Shabbir, this young lady is a problem solver, she advices you which girl is good for you and which one would make your life hell. She is a sweet heart.

Asif Faruqi, a man with enormous political knowledge and biased ideas… this man should have been in the police… he’s violent like a dog master…bad helpful at time

Adeel Hanif… one of my new friends at university but he is the only maulana who I think is religiously unbiased and he tends to think logically… he is the answer to every question of mine… thankyou man I’ll be needing you in my future endeavors.

Puply and duply… these two are the gay couples i met in my university… puply call a day before the final exam and say Hallllllloooo in an exhausted manner and frights you away. duply has plans to join politics.

Faizan Masood, I have kept this guy for the last because he has done almost everything for me, what you call a diehard friend. A friend who would come to you at 4 in the morning if you stuck in some sort of shit or he would come and rescue you from the jail. Words can’t express our friendship.

Some new friends are still to mention in my next blog.

Good luck

Have a nice day 🙂

  1. Salman Ateeq says:

    I couldnt find my name ;-(

  2. muddi says:

    gud shit bitch…baki batien baad mae :p..akelae mae

  3. Urooj aka Dilawar says:

    i likes! 🙂 when there r ppl like u (and some other ppl) in my group im forced to haunt everyone!
    whrs Ismat?
    and again im not in any picture! 😦

  4. madiha... says:

    oyeee…. blog is antam…. lakin m not from village… it’s a developed city caled hyderabad….:P

  5. Ali says:

    Awesome compilation

  6. @muddasir… hamesha akailay mein he hota hai kabhi public ke samnay bhi performance daingai 🙂

  7. @ madiha… it is still a village without an airport

  8. @urooj… you are always absent, ismat is right after you and thanks for the likings 🙂

  9. Sikander says:

    when did i got the name JIGLO..?!! anyways nice efforts bro…

  10. afshan says:

    lovely blog bro…… thanx for the compliment… good job

  11. that is something secret 🙂

  12. Urooj aka Dilawar says:

    liar! u just wrote her name! 😛

  13. still i dint forget to mention ;-P

  14. Zash says:

    U’re missing my name too;-)

  15. Faizan Masood says:

    hmmm nice one!

    @Sikander..dude u have loads of names! should i start writting them down?? 😛

    @MIQI..dude am always there! tension nahi lia ker bus bhai ko yaad kerlia ker! 🙂

    @Afhsan..Man miqi afshan isnt tht much of a sweet heart! dun exaggerate it tht much! bus sahi hai! 😀
    (i knw am gonna get a really hard scolding now) hehe

  16. Thankyou
    you aint referring to afshan coz u spelled her name wrong…

  17. @salman and zash…dint forget to mention your names but it was time and space that i had to cut short the list… Inshallah in the next blog

  18. Mohsin iqbal says:

    Wonderfully written descriptions. Love it

  19. Fatima hassan says:

    How long did it take to write dis?:-P

  20. Fatima hassan says:

    How long did it take to write dis?:-P

  21. Raza Haidery says:

    Lolz…where is my descrption???

  22. Virdah says:

    thts a lovely blog miqi, it feels good to be remembered by gr8 friends like u!
    and yeah i owe u guys tht treat, will giv one soon =)

  23. Hassan says:

    This comment is under no pressure !!!!
    Miqi is truly a great friend and m really glad to have a frnd like him for the past 9 years..though my mom always say kay miqi say door rahooo but man i cant leave you…
    and by the way pretty good Blog

  24. @mohsin thankyou
    @fatima… around 2 weeks

  25. @ Reza…puply and duply would me in my next blog inshallah

  26. @virdah… Thankyou so much…m waiting for the treat
    @ Qadir… this has actually jumped out of your heart…thanks man

  27. Talha says:

    Very nice:-)

  28. Roydon says:

    i think miqi your a self made man keep out of trouble and keep rocking, its always good to may tribute to the special people in your life. keep rocking

  29. faizan says:

    miqi this is soooooo not true……..
    dude let me get my hands on u…..u r sooooo dead:@

  30. shoaib patel says:

    hey thnx bro i lyked it …but i love wht u wrote about memon and fahad…thnx for the blog dedication…

  31. @talha thankyou
    @roydon man these contributions by people has made me some what successful

  32. @Patel thankyou
    @Faizan i’ve already been beaten up by you and that chapal has left a red mark on my bums 😉

  33. maroof motan says:

    hey maan!! sorry to reply late bt this flu and bukhar has whopped my ass lately…enough formalities!!…hey bitch ass!nice crap ur writing mgr mera naam sub se phle ana chaye thaa…

  34. z says:

    zaleeeeeeeelllll insaan!!!

  35. @zainab…thankyou hyderabadi

    @maroof… tum ko pata hai na yeh batameezi kitni mehangi parh sakti hai??? cheeni se bhi ziyada mehangi

  36. Altamash says:

    Cool… Pretty good:-)

  37. maroof motan says:

    @miqdad…faltu mere sath ulajraha hai:I,chl sai hai ub tu gaya beta,4th ko bs tu mil ub.

  38. Inna lilah-e-wa inna lilah-e- rajeoon

  39. hehe…that means m a genius???

  40. @altamash thankyou 😉

  41. Asad Shah says:

    Gr8 work boi….
    nyc compilation….
    i really appreciate yewr efforts….
    n yea thanx for rememberin me..!!

  42. Thanx man…how could i forget you:-)

  43. Shahmeer Magsi says:

    Miqi… thanks for remembering me and putting me there!! i’ll set up ur date with prince william soon… dont worry :p

  44. Ashar says:

    Kuttaayyy……… its so not true!!.. 😛 .. nai, to be honest, its not true!!!.. ask masood aswell! 😛

  45. @Shahmeer, Thankyou, i am dieing to william 😛

  46. @Ashar… What you see is what you get 😛

  47. Zainab says:

    Miqdad Sibtain..the only guy who is always busy yet has time for everything…writes blogs…runs MSA..studies and teaches eco;) and parties all the time…i hate you and really wish that i always keep breaking ur ciggies!! thnku 4 depressing me d day b4 ecoz final..u’ll b the reason i’ll fail so be prepared to go to hell…:):) don’t forget ppl care abt u n thts d reason y tumhara rizq zaya hota hai!!:p

  48. Jameel Tariq says:

    Too Good…

  49. Dry Shell says:

    Need to learn blogging tips from you… gr8

  50. Rahim Qadri says:

    Haha…Spectacular effort 😉

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