Hold Please…

Posted: December 23, 2009 in Life & People
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I can’t continue with the moroseness I’ve been carrying around lately. Not just because it’s unhealthy, but also because I’m about to get on a voyage, and my possibly imminent death is kinda front and center right now.

It’ll be o.k. It’ll be o.k. It’ll be o.k.


So I have starting conversing with some of my new friends, taking up politics and enjoying time. I am glad that people have actually started trusting me. The university I used to hate is the place I love to sit and talk to people about issues now. I’m quite positive I’ll hangout with them enjoy and party. This is the shortest blog just to spit out frustration. These days I am worried about death and its impact. What if I die tomorrow? Am I prepared for it? Religiously and socially. I am not. I’ve planned to write an entire blog on it… it would be a big one… so next time I sit with my lappy it would definitely be a depressing one…

P.S the testimonial section in now ready and can be viewed by anyone 😉

  1. Zia Awan says:

    Good work miqdad:-)

  2. Jo Hart says:

    An awesome blog to close the file

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