In Search of Perfection…

Posted: December 25, 2009 in Life & People
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I’m beginning to think I’m a regular, boring person after all. I have this strong urge to write and it’s not that words and ideas aren’t coming to me, it’s that they’re all so boring that I myself have no attention span for any of it.

Oh wait, aren’t all blogs, especially sonny blogs, full of boring crap?

I was thinking the other day that I go through these spurts where I have SO MUCH to write about and get out and process and analyze and seek advice on, and then it’s like I burn out and just have no interest in writing. Life marches on and it seems that I’m caught in this thing where I’m too busy living to stop and think, much less write, about any of it all. Or when I feel like taking a moment to put it all in writing, it’s too much of a blur to capture it all in any meaningful way.

But hell, I’m here.
Mainly my little nephew, it’s the words that amaze me. He’s doing that thing where he repeats everything you tell him, testing new words out, repeating them over and over until he’s comfortable with them. There is a questioning tone in his voice when he first tries a word out, but as he grows more accustomed to the word, it becomes less questioning and more imperative.

He has an impressive level of enthusiasm over his new words, most of which he shouts out, his excitement so acute sometimes that his voice is squeaky, high-pitched, the words almost choked out of his tooth-less mouth.

And there is, too, the repetitiveness of the words. As he learns a new word or phrase, he asks me, over and over again, about.

And I love it. I love every syllable, every lisp, every shriek, every discovery. This uncle hood thing keeps opening my eyes in new ways. So that even the boring is ultimately wonderful to me. He has grown a little cranky these days because his grandma not keeping well and thus the everyday change is difficult to adapt.

So comes today, I am home alone dreadfully waiting for the sun to show so I could be with mom during her surgery. The night is boring and I wish I could be with mom before the surgery commences. I know all will be fine and she’ll be hope walking on her own feet. These everyday changes have thrown me, down in the dumps. A peaceful quiet home changed into a hall with hundreds of guest, this is driving me crazy. I hope this phase progresses fast. I can hear swishes everyday that I am not responsible and a heavy burden on mom and dad, thus people are just feeding me with grass, I shall attack soon… Good Luck Sweet Hearts J

  1. Muslim Karim says:

    Oh man this is too good…so the new file is?

  2. Jo Hart says:

    An awesome blog to close the file

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