I Was a Champion…

Posted: December 30, 2009 in Death and Bereavement
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So, 2012 impending, only 24 months left. Though the movie was awful but I can’t just take no notice of the idea that world is ending in a couple of month. If I die tomorrow, did I do anything that would have eulogized me or made be of any worth. I did a plenty of things but I never heard people applauding or appreciating, maybe they were jealous or maybe it was not worth appreciation. I was never good at studies but dad said once I possess a mind of a genius, the way I talk, the way I handle people and other things.
From day 1 I was good at sports. The result day would bring discomfiture on my mom’s face and the sports day when she sat in the stands with pride, confident that her son would bring the cup home. I never stood first in academics. “First” an allusion, in fact I never stood under ten, and honestly I am a shameless guy. I let people stand first and let them pass with good grades may be because they really need it, may be family pressure. So I have a big heart too. And their result has nothing to do with the percentages but the rank they have got. Be it a child ranked first at 60%. Parents are happy with the rank.
Now this did present me with a bit of a moral dilemma but I always had made sure this is not visible on my face, so I always kept a small idiot smile on my face to cover up everything. People call it humor. I always tried to do something in sports. Earned several medals and silver trophies in flat races and other funny races the school used to organize. Soon I planned to get my hands on the squash racquet and try something different. I never knew I could be so good at it and soon entered the national tournament. Though I lost the final but still this is an achievement.
I’ve never regretted the seriousness that was required in academics and scoring good grades was more important than being good in sports. Honestly, I don’t care. If it would have been prayers or anything religious I would worry a bit, but I guess passing the exams is enough and good grades are not necessary but luxury.
I had a friend in my O’levels, his grades were astonishing, 9 A’s in O’levels and 3 A’s in A’levels. He could have been at a better place. I am in a better university then him. Was this a competition or I was too lucky to get in the 2nd best university. So if God has helped him so far with those good grades, what happened now? Did he stop praying? Is God testing him? So this proves good grades don’t always help you.
I’ve never challenged nature nor will I in the future. People usually starve for appreciation. Why? I used to celebrate my achievements alone and I do the same now. When you tell your friends you got in a good university, or you achieved a highly profitable business contract, that is not worth appreciation but mere showoff.
I remember a couple of year’s back I got a 97% in my school economics exam. Came back home, I was sure parents would react in a positive manner; at least they would appreciate the effort. But they were straight-faced. I had to sit alone in my room and celebrate it on a pack of cigarettes. So I am used to it. And why to depend on people or expect them to react in the same way you want, make your own boundaries and live within it. you’ll surely enjoy the new experience.

  1. Raza says:

    The song “Rebirthing”, “Whispers in the Dark” and “We are the champions”..will suit this article a lot…Anyways keep up the good work

  2. Muslim Karim says:

    this is one awesome blog… i never knew those medals could be yours 🙂

  3. Virdah says:

    wow u scored 97% in eco!..shud hav told, we wud hav celebrated wid u 😉

  4. Stella Rangin says:

    I liked this posting quite a bit.

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