Frustrating and Cheesy and Annoying…

Posted: February 26, 2010 in Uneven Moments
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My week has been ridiculously busy. The best part about that is that it passes by really quickly.

I’ve been dealing with some hard stuff that I can’t write about. I’m getting through it. I hate when bloggers allude to things and won’t tell what they are. I will give you a brief overview. The first thing is that someone I care about very much, who is not a relative, is in a kind of horrible company I have here and awaiting for her to return. I may throw all caution to the wind and just write about it, but I need to process it all first. I went to this facility to visit and came out with a whole new view of the world and it was deeply traumatic. There is just nothing I can do now. Because of this experience, I realized that I really do have some privileges and it made me feel awful. Re-arranging priorities, I’m bad at it.
The second thing I am dealing with is a problem I had at NGO’s. There are federal laws prohibiting Social Workers from writing about their work, so I have to leave it at that. It’s a troubling situation, but there are a lot of people on my side helping me get through this. Unfortunately that’s all I can really say about it here. Just send good thoughts.

I am also in the middle of one of my overly dramatic, psychosomatic financial scares. I’m probably not though.

Last, I’m still working on the new contracts, assignments and  hour lies. I’ve gotten some very enthusiastic feedback on it so far. Plus I plan to buy a new phone by the end of this month. Probably Blackberry.

Now I have to go to work and prepare for another long day. Luckily I have two classes full of bright, enthusiastic and truly amazing friends who inspire me every day I get to spend with them. It sounds corny, but it’s so true. Hyderababd Tonight, Cool Long Weekend.

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