Posted: March 27, 2010 in New Perception
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This past while my posts have turned to the dark side, the hard and stressful times in my life. Times I do believe have at least contributed to my current health conditions. I have received many comments and emails, thanking me for sharing this part of my life. My dear friend faizi maizi. actually goes so far as to say I am saving lives. I can only hope others may read my story and look at their own lives. Look for any similarities, in your own and ask yourself, do you really want to follow in my footsteps. I hope and pray not, caring for yourself and your health is the most important thing you can possibly do. So many things can happen that at the time we don’t fully realize or appreciate the true toll it is taking on our bodies. How many of us leave work thinking, phew, made it through another day or another week. True that day or that week is over but really what price, physically did you pay to get there, and was it worth it?

I am sure it is fair to say everyone is opposed to abuse of any kind. I am so touched by the comments left after my post on abuse, Azra, there is a system problem or something I have left you 3 different comments on your so painful story. They just don’t seem to be registering or something, I will keep trying, suddenly something will happen and you may end up with 5 or 6 comments from me. I think we all recognize how terrible any abuse is and are willing to do something to help stop it, it is just what we do. I have several ideas on that I will be sharing shortly.

I think it is important for each of us to really take a good look within ourselves. Look at our lives in general and all of the individual relationships with all in our lives. Here I mean all parts of our lives, our working conditions, our relationships with family, with friends, neighbors. Honestly, making no excuses, look to see, am I being treated fairly, am I being abused or used. Sadly, abuse is usually only recognized when it becomes a prevailing factor in our lives and that is so tragic, my heart really does bleed for so many and I read their stories.

How many times have I heard things such as: “we all have our problems, or we all have our crosses to bear”. This is true and a fact of life no one will likely ever totally be free of trouble, problems or issues and will shoulder burdens.

Ask yourself though, is the burden I am carrying, the stress, the pressure being fairly placed when put on my shoulders. Many will say and rightfully so, stress and pressure come from within our individual ways of reacting to situations. Fair enough, but regardless of how we chose to deal with a situation, it is still wrong if it is unfairly imposed upon you. In a situation like this are you being abused? I think so. I think most of us if not even all of us allow ourselves to be abused in at least some areas of our lives. With this wonderful 20:20 hind sight I have gained on life, I ask one simple question. Why do we allow that to happen?

Now, while doing this deep soul searching every aspect of our lives looking to see if we are indeed being abused in any areas or individual aspects of our lives, look also honestly to see if you are not indeed an abuser.

Now I am certain the majority of people would immediately respond with a very indignant: “no way am I a abuser, no way and at no time”. Well honestly I find that hard to believe for anyone. Abuse can be something as seemingly insignificant as an unkind word, insignificant to us saying it but how are we to know the impact it may have on the one hearing it.

We do need to rid the world of abuse and a good place to start may be within ourselves.

Tomorrow or Monday I’ll start implementing it on my part

  1. Sameen Shah says:

    I think we should plan a huge party at the end destination. No pressure. It’s a never-ending party that each can join as they arrive. Oh the tales we will all share!

  2. Safina abrar says:

    Sometimes I miss viewing the world in black and white – it did make things easier – other times I glad I see in more depth.

    Hmm… have I made sense here…?

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