Punishing our bodies…

Posted: April 3, 2010 in New Perception
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Starting to feel a lot better, not that I was feeling anything but tired. It is amazing how traveling can tire me out. I got home from my wonderful visit, but based on how tired I was, you could have thought that I had walked the entire way.

Usually, if I decide to have a nap I can drop off the sleep pretty much anywhere. That is unless I am sitting in an upright position. I learned something on this trip. Now I am not sure if this applies to all cars or just the model I was on. If your seat is right infront of dashboard, the seat doesn’t recline at all. Who knew? Well not me anyway.

Past few days I have been felling a little down. Partly, because of leaving my little princesses and partly I know from just being tired. I slept very poorly my last night there. It was almost like I didn’t want to go to sleep as I knew as soon as I awoke I would be leaving. I wanted to extend my waking time there as long as possible. I think I got about 3 hours sleep and then missed my cherished afternoon nap. I was fatigued, but have caught up and the world is better.

Accepting physical limitations is difficult for anyone. I think that this is even more so the case if indeed you limitations are lessening with time. Lessening with time but at a gradual rate almost sneaking up on you. On a day by day basis you don’t even realize it is happening. It is only when you try to exert yourself or push yourself even a little that you can see a difference. A difference in what you can do today compared to say a year ago or sometimes even just a few months ago.

I can now look back over virtually my entire life time and see how I ignored what my body was often telling me, that it needed rest. I was caught on the fast tread mill of life and just pushed harder and harder. No time for a break or a rest just push through. I can rest later when things aren’t quite so hectic. It seemed though that life just never got any less hectic and proper rest was always that elusive goal down the line somewhere. It is no secret everyone knows I take my afternoon nap but these days it is so not possible. I am not sure how many people have made some sort of a comment as to how much they envy that. How they wish they could get a little extra rest but just have no time. Caught on that ever rushing never ending treadmill of life. Constantly rushing forward, but to where and to what? Struggle and fight, push yourself to get through today, just so you can get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

I have heard the expression countless times, “Your health is everything.” We all know this but still fail to take it to heart. We push our bodies beyond their limits eventually to the breaking point, and why? If we truly look at the big picture of life by pushing go hard, by working so hard, what have we accomplished? I can assure you when you realize you are dying, the size of your house or the price tag on the car in the driveway will suddenly make no difference at all. The reality of what is important in life will suddenly hit you in the face and it does have nothing to do with money.

I would hope that any that may read this, would just ask themselves one question! Am I trapped on that “treadmill” of life? Pushing, working, punishing our bodies thinking, life will be easier or better when I just get over that next hill in the road of life. When I get past this one obstacle or reach that one goal, life will be better and I can relax a little. If that is the case then wonderful. But, I have to wonder for how many that is true. Is it more likely that we will get ourselves past this one “issue” only to find ourselves immediately facing another? We go in a circle as now we think; once I get past this life will be golden. I think it is more likely we just jump from one “treadmill” to the next, with each moving a little faster than the past. We push harder, punishing our bodies more and more.

When is enough, enough? I am not sure, is it human nature that causes us to constantly strive for more, for bigger, for better? We punish and use up our bodies in this never ending quest.

Wow, just started going and got onto a real ramble here. I started off simply going to say something like: It is only now at this point in my life that I can really appreciate the need for our bodies to rest. That not only applies to me now, but to everyone. In times gone by I have just never realized how important it is.  I suppose my point is happiness, contentment, satisfaction all come from within.
We don’t need to punish or abuse our bodies to attain that.

If you think you cannot earn or you have limitations, why not limit or ruminate over your budget. I know multi-millionaires, what have they got? Huge houses, expensive cars, probably a hot chick!!! I am happy with what I have. At least I can sleep well at night and not worry about things. Live life with a huge friend circle who actually care for you, live with people who actually text everyday and ask how many smokes I had and I should reduce the amount, have I eaten anything or not. I’m sure multi-millionaires dont get this opportunity and if they do I really want to meet one. If I buy laptop, its mine, my property, something what I earned, lucky I am. Don’t boast on your dad’s wealth it’ll surely bring you disgrace someday.

  1. Hey, I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say GREAT blog!…..I”ll be checking in on a regularly now….Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Sara siraj says:

    you brought me soft tears
    i’m glad that you’re still around
    you’ve made my heart smile

  3. Sameen Shah says:

    You’ve definitely helped me Miqi, more than you can ever know. I wake up and check for an update, when I read your blog it’s not only because you write beautifully, or that you throw in a joke here and then, I read because I get another reason to stay in the fight. Maybe you won’t help a million people, but to me your help has earned a million thanks.

  4. Salwa Sharif says:

    Maybe it’s the comfort I get, maybe it’s realizing there is someone out there I can relate to, maybe it’s thw fact that I tell myself that reading and leaving a comment makes you feel good, I don’t know, but I do know that you’re one hell of a man and you deserve a celebration…

  5. Salman Ateeq says:

    Count me in, I have a few ideas in mind. Will let you know on June 1st, I’m getting the kids involved too this year.

  6. Safina abrar says:

    Hey Miqdad, I have a theme song for your big celebration, I’ve you tubed it, and I found this one with some beautiful quotes and pictures to go with it. Check them out

  7. Moiz Damani says:

    I came across your writing just by chance. I was searching for info on improving life not on dying. I was taken back when I saw the name of your blog come up on the computer in the search. I found myself quite nervous about even entering such a site almost fearfull of what I might read. I was looking to improve my life not have it dragged down by the depressed melancholy of a depressed dying man. I was so pleasantly taken back to discover your writings are nothing of the sort and are in fact the exact opposite of that.

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