I must have had a dream or something last night, what it was I have no idea. But, I had 2 ideas running around in my head. I wrote them down so as not to forget them also. I wish I could remember the whole dream, and then I could just pass it on. Then again it could be just some of the wild and wacky thoughts that come to this head of mine. I know there have been a few times when my friends have asked me: “where do you come up with these ideas?” It is then that I will try to put on my wisest look and reply with something like: “Ah, I dunno.”

As it is I guess I will have to put my own spin on those thought and what they could mean. Sort of like the Miq’s statistics I sometimes come up with. OK, here we go.

Picture this, a gigantic pile of small pebbles formed perfectly in the shape of a triangle. The number of pebbles in the pile exactly corresponds to the number of people on this earth about 6 1/2 billion. Now that many pebbles would make one honking big pile. Now also picture this, right beside the pile of pebbles is a huge hole in the ground that just happens to be of exact equal size to our mountain of pebbles. Now what if for some reason all these pebbles had to be picked up on at a time by hand and thrown into the hole. Now that would be a task of monumental size, but impossible???

I have to wonder how many people, myself included, would just look at that mountain of pebbles and the task at hand and just walk away. Thinking to themselves: “that is just an impossible task, there are just too many pebbles, and there is nothing I could do that would make any sort of difference.” They walk away having done nothing. There thinking being if I can’t do it all or at least make a really sizable contribution, I won’t bother doing anything, huh.

No matter what the task, the purpose or the cause at hand every little bit helps. Remember the number of pebbles in the pile exactly corresponds to the number of people on this earth. If we each did our own little bit how hare would that be? Soon that entire mountain would be gone; one stone at a time and it is gone.

Now let’s get back to that triangle shape. A triangle is a 3 sided figure in which no 2 sides directly oppose each other. I am struggling with wording here. I could use many different examples here to illustrate the point I am trying to make. I will use Religion. I don’t know how many wars have been fought or how many millions of people have suffered because of Religious differences. To me that just makes no sense at all.

I am no Religious scholar and do not profess to be knowledgeable about any of the Faiths. From my understanding all work, strive to help to make us better people. When you get to the very core of the beliefs there are more similarities than there are differences. Yes there are differences but none that I am aware of that put one directly opposing the other. Every Religion has it extremist element and for my point here I am taking this small percentage right out of the equation.

I would imagine, if somehow we were able to get the individual beliefs of every single person on this earth and form it into some sort of a chart of graph. It would be roughly in a flattened triangular shape. The bottom line in this triangle being (our similarities) being much longer than the upward reaching sides. I am sure there is some mathematical name for such a triangle and I am sure I knew it at one point. All I am trying to say is our similarities far outweigh our differences. Can we focus more on our similarities than our differences and work together.

Back to my triangular shaped pile of pebbles. What if each of those pebbles actually represented one of the problems in the world today. If we could each do our part and agree with all others to tackle the task from all 3 sides just think of how quickly we could make it just disappear. Have you reached out to move your pebble today?

  1. Sara Parker says:

    I enjoy your long rambling posts! Fine stuff as always. Nothing to add other than that I agree.


  2. Safina abrar says:

    Ah HA!!! The Fairies snuck in and did it to YOU, too!!

    It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do a little.
    Do what you can.

    They musta put delivered it via dream state to you.
    And BOY do I agree today.

  3. Moiz Damani says:

    Good theory and wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone did their part?

  4. Akber Shah says:

    very nicely written…and yes…wouldnt it be wonderful if everyone just moved a pebble….

    very nice indeed…

  5. Tahir Sheikh says:

    This is a great idea! When I come across something that hits me in a certain way…makes me think…or rethink something I cut them out and tape them in my jouurnal. It’s nice to have reminders of life’s lessons.

  6. Moiz Damani says:

    Impressive, it all over the internet now. popular man

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