What is at the very core of my belief system? This is something I seem to be spending more and more time thinking of, my beliefs, that is. Not questioning, more seeking the comfort of. I can’t even imagine how much more difficult it must be for those, facing death, that do not have their faith firmly in place. My prayers certainly go out to them and to all.
Firstly, I have an absolute, total belief in God, a loving, just God. I also believe in Angels, Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides. All are duly appointed by God to do his work. They are never to be worshipped as God, but given the due respect they rightfully deserve as a messenger from God.

I have my own Angel story; I just hope I can find the words to really describe it. For years I have been reading books about Angels and Guardian Angels, some of which even describe ways to contact and communicate directly with your Guardian Angel. This process is through meditation, which I have also done for years. I began doing the mediation aimed at contacting my Guardian Angel. I worked at it faithfully for about 2 years with no results that I could see. I started this about 4 years ago so the incident I am describing happened about 2 years ago. I changed from an ordinary man to someone special.

Anyway, on that particular day I woke up not feeling well, down in spirit and just grumpy. Did my Angel meditation  . Because of my mood I am sure, part way through, I seemed to lose patience and actually got upset or mad at my Angel. I said something to the effect. “OK, enough is enough, I read of thousands of people who are able to make contact, why not me. That’s it I quit.” That is what I said but in my heart I know I didn’t mean it. In a big huff, I stomped downstairs “to do something constructive”. I grabbed a hammer and put my hand into the pouch on the belt that contained the nails. The very first thing I touched was obviously not a nail. I pulled it out and I swear before God, there I held a little wire figure of an Angel. I was stopped in my tracks; I can’t describe how I felt. Understand, I had never seen this before, and even if I had I have way to much respect for the Angels to have ever put an Angel figure in my tool belt. I know many people will just laugh this off, but I really don’t care because I know it was the sign I had been asking for. I mean no one else had been in the house how could it have possibly gotten there. Blessed, is likely the best word I can use to describe how I felt, ecstatic could be another. Needless to say, I immediately said a prayer of thanks and apologized to my Angels for having doubted them and thank them for the sign I had desperately needed.

My little Angel has a special place on my bed side table and is the first thing I see in the morning and the last I see at night.

It is so much easier making this final journey knowing my Guardian Angel is at my side. I am such a lucky man.
Well for me my little angel is a human.

The term angle means someone who protects and safeguards. My angle is surely one of them. Can’t name, because I suppose this is not the right forum. But still this angel is perfect.

Good Day 🙂

  1. Sara siraj says:

    Hi Miqdad, I’ve been off blog for a while and doing some reading to catch up…I’ve also been feeling pretty sick…I loved reading about this experience of yours…my life has been saved so many times beyond belief that it could only be miraculous…this post inspires me and reminds me of hope. Thank you.

  2. Dawar Khan says:

    My favourtie subject Angels….. You know I could talk about them all day. What a fantastic story, I dont’ remember reading that one.

  3. Moiz Damani says:

    I think I’m looking for the answers I want, rather than what they are telling me. Sometimes I think about how when we are in a job and we really don’t like it, we quit. I often wonder how many of my angels have said, Oh my goodness. i’m still waiting for the email reply, i want to know about your angel

  4. Mustafa Hassan says:

    My friend you were obviously looking in the mirror when you made this Post.

  5. Muzaffar Sanam says:

    I believe that we all have guardian angels and I have seen them in action in my life and the lives of my friends and family members. God’s protection for us is amazing.

  6. anika says:

    A very very sweet and lovely post… i simply love it 🙂 i really wish your little angel is always there with you whenever you need her to safeguard and protect you 🙂

  7. Sara Parker says:

    I think that the younger people in our society (and here I’m assuming that it was a young person that set those cars on fire) can’t seem to tell the difference between fantasy and reality.

  8. Thank you for all your valuable comments. i shall to questions reply via email 🙂

  9. Sara Parker says:

    you’re always welcome. stay safe and happy

  10. Kareem Chandani says:

    Sweet and touchy. impressive 🙂

  11. Tahir Sheikh says:

    This is a great idea! When I come across something that hits me in a certain way…makes me think…or rethink something I cut them out and tape them in my jouurnal. It’s nice to have reminders of life’s lessons.

  12. Mohsin Kamran says:

    Trust that you always have an angel at your side to comfort, protect and guide you”. Angels are sent by God to each and everyone of us for this reason. They will only help us when we ask. They cannot intervene unless we ask. Also if you are in a bad situation.. the asking should be for help to overcome the situation.. not that they just fix it You need to do your part as well. They will guide you. I pray that this all makes a little sense to you. GOD BLESS YOU.
    Love and Light

  13. Daniyal Ahsan says:

    Hats off, i would like to share you link on my blog, this post and the others are just superb 🙂

  14. Sabika Khan says:

    You are a lucky man 🙂 i’m jealous

  15. Ammar Haque says:

    As lucky as a luck man kin 😀

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