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Posted: May 17, 2010 in Belief
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I have commented many times on how I appreciate all comments and of how I read and reread them all. I have thought different times of inviting people to just ask me any questions they may have of me. This thought was brought to mind again yesterday with a comment I received from “just ordinary”. I am receptive to any questions and would do my best to answer based on my own thoughts and experiences. I am not a doctor and would be reluctant to go into the medical area beyond my own symptoms. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask away.

This brings me back to the question asked by just ordinary. Have I always believed in God? Simple answer is yes, always. I have never had a great awakening or anything like that; I can only imagine it was my parent’s thoughts and teachings that gave me this belief. I must have been very very young as I can’t actually remember any time in which they spoke of it and keep reminding me of it. It is just a strong belief I have always carried with me. I am not what you consider to be a religious man and rarely went to mosque except for weddings and funerals, this is nothing to be proud of but still I regret.
I am embarrassed to admit but even with the knowledge of our Father my side for the majority of my life, I did things my way. I knew what best for me. As I think now and looking back I realize there was a point where maybe I had an awakening or a realization, I am not sure how to word it. This was back before my serious health problems had actually begun. I was in the midst of a major life crisis. I was going through what for me was a very painful phase. I was depressed, felt lost, realizing my life wasn’t going at all the way I had envisioned or planned. I came to the realization that doing things “my way” wasn’t giving me the life I wanted so desperately. Slowly I turned to my faith and started putting my beliefs into practice instead of just having them tucked away somewhere in the back of my mind.

Reality came as a bit of a shock to me. I actually had thought I was “a good practicing Muslim but I wasn’t”. I mean I then was going to Mosque regularly, I prayed. I mean what more could I do. I suppose maybe I was taking it for granted. I knew God was there and he would take care of me. When I prayed I realized I was just mumbling a bunch of words out of habit or out of the feeling that is what I should do, with no real thought of meaning to them. The day these problems ended I was all the same again.

I found as I slowly truly turned to my faith instead of just paying lip service to it, my life began to change. I always believed God was with me and he was. Always there willing and waiting to help. I just had to turn to him and be willing to accept that help. The more I turned to my faith the more my life began to change. Now, I just think, man, would my life have been so much easier so much better if I had just done that 10 years earlier.

I suppose it could be said I moved the beliefs I have always had, from just in my head, to being in my heart. As my faith has declined, I can’t describe the embarrassment that it has brought me.

  1. Jessica Krupali says:

    Thank you for answering my question. I plan to visit your BLOG often to read your interesting words.

  2. Dharam Singh says:

    I wish I could explain to you how much your journal has meant to me. I truly envy your ability to put your thoughts into writing. I have my own blog, but so seldom do I write what I actually wish to convey.

  3. Stella Rangin says:

    I have been struggling alot with the whole question of why people suffer (my job puts me in contact with people suffering with all sorts of problems, physical, emotional and spiritual). I understand from Scripture but in my heart I know I’m angry. I wish I could come talk to you for a bit in person.

    Blessings to you, friend. Thank you for being a light that won’t go out.

  4. Javed Hashmi says:

    that was a sweet sharing of your faith …awesome content

  5. Safina abrar says:

    it is so nice to read of a faith that works for the believer, not just words that come easy.
    I believe in a God myself and have faith that we will move on to a better place. I believed in nothing really up until nearly 5 years ago when I had a life changing event which has changed my viewpoint on everything and proved to me that life will go on…I`ve had a number of connected events happen after which have affirmed this, though I would not describe myself as religeous in any sense of the word but rather “spiritual”….

  6. Anum Maesri says:

    What a wonderful share–and a wonderful way to end my evening…with thoughts of where I was, what happened to bring me here and where I’m at today.

  7. Sajia Bawany says:

    Got your link from twitter, and i am amazed. I’ve had more than one ‘awakening’–I don’t surrender easily, I guess. But I do love my relationship with G-d today….and there was a time it was all in the head and none in the heart.
    I’m glad you have what you have today, Miqdad.

  8. Sara Parker says:

    I hope to draw closer and closer to God and have some awesome realisations like the one you had- that God is always always there for you. He really is… so awesome. And with that I hope that I will always be there for him. Waiting to do his will. and waiting for his answers, his words.

  9. Salman Ateeq says:

    I’m glad for you that you have a faith that gives you peace…at this time and at all times.

  10. Mohsin Kamran says:

    It’s amazing how much strength a faith can give you. I think a lot of the time it’s in your heart all along but you need something to challenge you to make you realise. I guess that’s the way I see it, anyway. It’s amazing how surprising it is, though, when that something or someone challenges you and you suddenly realise it IS in your heart.

  11. Salma Hayat says:

    The Word of God tells us that he “has appointed a day in the which he will judge the world in righteous¬ness.” Are you ready for that day? Whether you are ready or not, you can be assured that, “it is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgment.”

  12. Sarmad says:

    It is interesting to see how our beliefs change everyday, and I believe its growth and process of exploration itself. Welcome to the Divine infinite World dear.

  13. Sabika Khan says:

    Enjoy every second of your life, because time races by so much quicker than you think.
    So take care of yourself, and enjoy life!
    Wishing you a wonderfully beautiful day!!!

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  15. Injeratense says:

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