As I wrote that a thought just came to me. I am a lucky man. Here I am complaining about addictive issues. I think poor me; here I have been fighting this “addictive blow” for over nine years now. I realize I am letting it drag me down a little. I get feed up with the constant huffing, puffing and wheezing. It seems to almost clear up but then suddenly comes back with a vengeance, each time seemingly worst than the last. OK, yes it is getting worse. But, I think in my own mind I am maybe letting it get to me a little more and through that feeling it even more.

I need to give my head a shake and really see things in proper prospective. I am a lucky man. There is no doubt about that. There are so many that have it so very much worse off than do I.

OK, talking to myself: “You are focusing on only one small part of the big picture of your life. Look at the big picture of your life as it is even just today. Yeah, this breathing is frustrating and annoying but really it is a pretty small part of the overall picture. You are still breathing be grateful for that. Fine you can’t walk up a flight of stairs or take a shower without huffing and puffing. Put a positive spin on it, that also means you can’t go out and shovel snow when it is -40 or you’re in the arctic circle, now you have to like that. You are lucky compared to so many, think of those that have been in pain, agony for the past year suffering so much. Here you are feeling sorry for yourself for a little shortness of breath. Shame on you.”

Well I have been sitting here thinking about things for the past 10 or 15 minutes. Actually, that talking to that I gave myself seems to have helped. I am a very blessed and a very lucky man.

I can breathe that in itself is a huge blessing. I have to wonder how many people have ever stopped to think of that simple fact as being a blessing. How many things are there in our lives that we just automatically take for granted just because it is (or they) are there.

Why is it that perceived negativity can dominate our thoughts so easily? What do I mean by that? We can be traveling down the highway of life on a smooth section, life is good. At times like this do we really stop and think, realize at that time the blessings we have in our lives. The things the people we have in our lives that are making this stretch of the highway so smooth. Or, do we just sail along.

Now by contrast, if we hit a little pothole or bump on the highway of life, does that pothole, problem, issue, opportunity to grow, suddenly get our undivided attention. Suddenly forgotten are all the blessings that make our lives so content just yesterday. They are still there, but seem to be immediately forgotten with all of our attention instead going to the perceived issue we are facing. Suddenly our entire life can seem to be wrapped up in that one issue, the issue of the moment.

Almost always the issue of the moment proves to be just a small bump on the highway. But, when we hit it we allow it to take on monumental proportion in our minds. I ask you, why is it we seem to so easily let the smallest perceived negative issue to suddenly outweigh a world or positives and blessings.

  1. Laura Quin says:

    <– is now humbled after reading what you shared and what your other comments had to say……

    Sometimes I need the double whammie……

  2. Altamash Jiva says:

    reading your thoughts helps me to understand a little bit what poor people may have gone through. There is obviously a purpose for you and your journal to help so many people.

  3. Rajeev Kumar says:

    Checking in, sir!
    But I’m crediting you with the idea. After reading your post of the George Carlin email I decided it was way past time to meet and greet the neighbour who’d moved in last fall.

    So, I did!
    WITH a pie–cuz I can make pies without burning down the house. LO

  4. Sabika Khan says:

    Ok I am here on this one too. Thinking of what this weeks 5 minutes will be???????

  5. Ammar Haque says:

    A sweet five minutes for certain! What wonderful ripples these will be for everyone.

  6. Ayesha says:

    Wonderful piece, there is a Ayat from Surah Rehman I like the most:

    “aur tum apnay Rab ki kin kin nai`mton ko jhutlao ge?” [ Which then of the bounties of your Lord shall you deny? ]

    We really not thank Allah for them but when there is a problem we do remember to cry and complain 🙂

    We need to learn Thank and Pray, not forget and cry 🙂

    Thank you so much for the beautiful motivational post!

  7. Sameen Shah says:

    True! negativity can dominate our thoughts so easily…

  8. Irwin Karan says:

    In preparation for eternity
    And what we do within it’s span
    Determines our soul’s destiny
    IK 🙂

  9. Sheikh Imran says:

    Even though I am aware, I don’t do a very good job of using my time wisely. Your blog is the encouragement that I needed to do better this year.

  10. Abeeda Jilani says:

    Well then–welcome home!
    The place hasn’t been the same without ya. :-/

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