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Posted: May 23, 2010 in Random Nooks
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So my blog is popular now, 4700 hits plus more than 500 comments on 74 posts!!! Attractive…

In my last post I wrote of live being a journey. We travel along the highway of life without the benefit of any sort of road map. Each and every day we face the journey anew often heading into or facing new and unexplored territory and adventures. Faith will not necessarily help you avoid bumps in the road but will help you through them. We may on occasion hit a bump in the road, or even a construction site on the road, where we may seem to get mired down in the mud. I have come to realize these “construction sites” on the road of life are not really in the road of life at all. Instead, are sites for me, to help construct the inner me. Spots where I can grow as a person. How often have I found myself in such a situation and blamed the highway, never stopping to think of how to get myself past the situation or how to learn from it. Easier to just blame the highway for my problems to just blame life for my problems, its not my fault this or that happened. So very often that is true, life does bring us unexpected or unwanted turns in the road. What is even more important than what life brings us, is how we learn to deal with it. Each bump in the road or detour thrown at us, helps to mold and create us into the people we are. We can grow, flourish and shine brighter than ever before. Or, we can get mired down and seemingly stuck on the road of life.

What is important for me to always remember, we are on a journey and as such are always moving. Just sometimes we move at faster pace than at others. I know there have been times when I have allowed myself to get mired down and seemingly stuck. Times when I looked ahead and could see no improvement in the road, my life just seemingly have no improvement is sight. I so easily blamed the road and felt it needed work, on reflection I can now see that it was the inner me that needed to work and life was giving me a slow down period in which to do it. That is also when in fact I allowed myself to forget the mere fact life is not stagnant but continually moving forward. I was not stuck just moving forward at a slower pace. There is always the next bend in the road and how am I to know what wonders await me.

Have you ever watched a tree grow?
Have you ever watched a flower open?

Such processes take place slowly and subtly. Only through watching a film, sped up, do we get to see how they really occur.

This is why, sometimes, we can feel as if there really is no movement in our life. Nothing is changing or moving on, and then suddenly, one day, we realize that things are very different and they will never be the same again.

Have a great Sunday.

  1. Altamash Jiva says:

    I have never thought of it like that before. Sometimes I am just to impatient to wait for the change, rather than letting it just unfold before me. I think I am going to have to add your associates to the list of the wise.

  2. Sabika Khan says:

    yes, thats a great way of perceiving things and very real, a great analogy! 🙂

  3. Abeeda Jilani says:

    my friend I do thank you for a wonderful post

  4. Sara Parker says:

    (I hope you enjoy every mess that gets made! Hug ‘em while ya got ‘em!)

  5. Jessica Krupali says:

    So beautifully worded, my friend. And I LOVE the analogy of the ROAD that you use here….it’s a perfect picture!

    This is a TRUTH that can never be shared too often.

    “It’s the journey….it’s the journey, ….”

    And it’s amazing….because I’ve received some of the most beautiful pieces of GRACE…from the times spent on these “construction sites.”

    Thank you for sharing your inspiration, Miqdad….always a JOY!

  6. Laura Quin says:

    Hmm… waiting for change is hard, especially when the change involved is some kind of spiritual or emotional healing. It is important, too, in the long haul, to keep looking back and comparing what you were then with what you are now… I guess on those days days when you wake up thinking that you’ve not moved at all, felt impatient, annoyed, frustrated… and then you think back and suddenly realise that actually, no, you’ve made massive strides. I think, too, that sometimes a person looks back they may miss the progress they’ve made because they’re looking in the wrong places! Not sure if that makes sense, I know what I mean but apologies if I haven’t put it very well.

    Fine stuff as always.

    Thank you.


  7. Salma Hayat says:

    If only this scene had been captured on video so that you could post it for us! 😛

  8. Sara siraj says:

    Impressive, it all over the internet now. popular man

  9. Javed Hashmi says:

    Time is money, a very impressive post.

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