Please Gift me With a Random Acts of Kindness…

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Subtle Touch
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Hey, I am a greedy guy, enough is never enough with me, I still want more.

Prior to the day, I am asking everyone to perform a random act of kindness. I know everyone performs countless acts of kindness on a daily basis in spite of our hectic lives. Most such acts we just sort of stumble upon, perform and carry on without a second thought. This is wonderful.

What I am asking is for everyone to specifically look for and then perform just one more. For whom the act is performed doesn’t matter, the size of or even what the act is doesn’t matter, tha amount of time it may take doesn’t matter.

What matters most to me is that we carry in us an awareness of looking for opportunities to help another. Speaking for myself, I know I spent most of my life very self absorbed, so busy trying to get through my own day that I so often failed to even notice those around me. There is a wonderful world out there. We just need to see past our own little worlds to see this wonderful world around us. Contained within the hearts of people all around the world is so much love, so much kindness, it is beyond anything we could measure. The love the kindness is there we just have to find a way to put it to use. Love and kindness are like renewable resources, the amount available is unending, we just need to put it to use.

At the top of this page is a row of titles, each of these representing a different page I have set up to accompany this, the main blog. Please click on the one titled “A Post to Conclude (File:Belief)”.  Here I ask people to put 5 minutes a week into their busy schedules. Now I don’t care how busy your life is if you honestly feel you can’t fit in 5 minutes a week you are fooling yourself.

Why am I asking for these acts of kindness? There are 2 reasons. The first is obvious. You have lightened the load, brightened the day of the one you have helped. To me, just as importantly or even more importantly you have helped yourself.

How have you helped yourself? The acts of kindness I am asking for are ones that come from the heart. No reward or recognition is expected or wanted and will even be declined if offered. We leave that situation with such a warm glow in our hearts. We leave it knowing, I just did something, not because I had to, not because it was expected of me. I did it just because I was there and I wanted to, I am a good person. This warm glow in your heart is the nicest feeling you can have. It actually grows and increases with each successive act. I grow inside as a person as I come to realize I am a good person. Please give it a try.

Here we are I finally get to my last request.

While you are here visting, please leave me a short comment telling me what your act of kindness was. It will not be seen as you seeking recognition for your act. I will instead be seen as a further act of kindness. A further act of kindness first to the whole world. Reading of what you did may spark and idea in someone else causing them to do the same thing or something similar. It may also lift the spirits of many causing them to realize, kindness is real, and it does exist in this world. This world of ours is not just the doom and gloom we are generally bombarded with in the news. Good people are out there and I want to be one of them. I want to do my bit to make this world a kinder and better place.

Lastly, I ask that you leave me these comments for myself I realize it is selfish of me to ask for something for myself. I would consider reading these comments as an act of kindness. Just to let me know I am doing some good with all of this.

Have a Good Day

  1. Mel Carter says:

    Hi Miqdad, I’m working on my act and have asked my family to help me. My mom will be buying school uniform for two kids from my aunts school who are sadly wearing torn up uniform and no shoes. It’s common here in South Africa but that doesn’t make it right.. As for my own act it’s not easy but to honour my 4 full years of rubbing it in the doctors face I will figure out a way to do it.

    • it is such a wonderful thing your mother is doing. Please thank her for me or invite her to join us here on the blog and I will do it myself. I can see where you got your kind heart.

  2. Sabika Khan says:

    You say you’re selfish, I like your kind of selfish

  3. Ammar Haque says:

    I did a little bonus act of kindness last Friday

  4. Laura Quin says:

    Every Monday, I go to PetCo for a week’s worth of supplies for my pets and the feral cats I feed. There is always a dog rescue group outside the store with homeless puppies and dogs for adoption, and every week I buy them a bag of dog food and a bag of treats. Well, last Friday it was a chilly morning, and I noticed that not all of the puppies’ enclosures had beds in them. Some of the puppies were having to lie down on the cold pavement. So in addition to their weekly bags of food and treats, I also bought a doggie bed for them. The guy who runs the organization put it in one of the enclosures right away, and I got to watch the two puppies in that enclosure chew on it, growl at it, and try to drag it around as a toy before they figured out they could lie in it and keep warm. Then they both hopped in and snuggled up together. It was so cute!

    I thought at the time that I should share that story with you because I knew it would make you smile. I’m going to try to come up with a bonus act of kindness every day between now

  5. Sara siraj says:

    Impressive, it all over the internet now. popular man

  6. Chandra Sen says:

    Read me at

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