Yesterday was an OK day, not one of my best but not one of what I call my bad days. Evening was wonderful, friends stopped by for a visit. They spent the night and left this morning. They had to be up early and left so quietly, not wanting to disturb our sleep, I didn’t even hear them.

I suppose it is natural that as I spend more time just thinking and reflecting back on my life and even on the world in general, different types of thoughts pop into my head. I suppose that shows my thinking process has changed or something. Even the mere fact that I will just sit and think back, is different from what it has been at times in the past. At different periods of my life there were times when I purposely kept myself so busy that I wouldn’t have time to think about my life. I suppose that showed a lack of internal strength on my part. To me, my life was in chaos and I almost seemed to be frozen in time not knowing what to do or where to turn. I too often took the easy way by not even allowing myself to think of my life at the time. Don’t think, avoid the pain.

I look back today; with I suppose is my “new mindset” and see each of those situations differently. Today, is all the hurt and pain gone? No, and maybe never will be. I can look back now and learn more from those mistakes or events, than sadly I did at the time. I now see each was just one small dot on the overall picture of my life. Each individual dot has brought me to be the person I am today. I am content with that; I am content and happy with my life today. Who is to know, maybe if even one small thing had happened differently in my past, my life, my thinking today could be different.

I even feel kind of silly, thinking of how every day I prayed asking for God will to be done in my life. Yet I fought so hard or felt so hurt when my will didn’t prevail.

I look around me and see so many people getting upset over what really are inconsequential little things. Sometimes it is almost like I would like to go and just give them a good shake, and say. Stop and think, think of the precious moments in life you are wasting being upset. We have to few of these moments and there will come a day when you regret those moments wasted. But, I look back and realize if someone would have said that to me a couple of years ago, I wouldn’t have listened. I would have been too busy dealing with the issues of the moment. To busy, to wrapped up in one small dot in the overall picture.

  1. Martha Singh says:

    Yes, I guess as we get older and go through different hardships we tend to prioritize our lives better. I think most of us older folks have some regrets about our younger years. As the saying goes, “Too soon old and too late schmart!”
    Hope you have a “good feeling” day.

  2. Sara Parker says:

    Martha, I really like that saying. Isn’t it sad that it is so true.

  3. Jamal Panwahar says:

    I look back at some of your comments left by people and realize that you have such a great impact on people you haven’t even met. Your words is really changing lives and helping people get on the right path. I believe God has given you some extra time to share your beliefs and values with others. You once said “I never really did anything meaning full in my life other than raise assist your self”. If you have ever had any doubt before now you should not. You have touched literaly thousands of people all across world with your words. Keep it up there are not many people out there with a positive attitude like you.

    Take care my friend

  4. Jessica Krupali says:

    It’s amazing how much time and energy we all waste on those little “dots,” rather than looking at the picture on a whole.

    The other day, I was thinking about how many of the little things in life, things that were just furstrating at the time, have been some of the things that have added up to make me who I am, and it’s mostly the little day to day things that are continuing to mold and shape me.

    I kind of know what you mean, I wouldn’t undue one of the “dots” if I could, because even though I wouldn’t want to live through it again, I wouldn’t want to sacrifce who I’ve become.

    Take care,

  5. Sean says:

    I read the last two paragraphs of what you wrote and had tears in my eyes. I’ve heard the same thing so many times but never quite worded as you have. I spend so much time weighed down by the problems I have and I just want an easy way out. I want the money to appear, I want to have an easy place to live, I want, I want, I want. All these things that are my wants.

    “I even feel kind of silly, thinking of how everyday I prayed asking for God will to be done in my life. Yet I fought so hard or felt so hurt when my will didn’t prevail.”

    I keep praying that same prayer, for God to take over and for things to be right yet I keep getting angry when He strips something away from me that I hold so tightly.

    I am young, 21, and I thank you again and hope that others my age will read and consider, as I am.

  6. Jameel Isphani says:

    In my work with young people, I try really hard to impress upon them how precious life is – their own and others’. However, they are in fact young and self-absorbed, and really cannot conceive of the next moment let alone the enirety of humanity. But, I keep trying.

  7. Safina abrar says:

    I agree with your reader who said God has given you a bit more time because there is something you were meant to do…a message for you to share with the world.

    What I am just now coming to realize is that when I hide my Light under a basket, I don’t just betray myself. I betray the whole world.

  8. Rajeev Kumar says:

    When you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your life in such a way that when you die, you will rejoice and the world will cry…Unknown

    There is only one success – to be able to spend your life in your own way…Christopher Morely

    Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending…Carl Bard


  9. Sabika Khan says:

    I am very impressed with the dialogue from you and your fellow bloggers. What I find difficult is to find that I am speaking to a relative in your condition. This seems to be something that happens to other people and not someone with the Miq name. Your article in the Free Press was very moving and motivationg to a degree, as it allows us, even in a relatively healthy state to take stock of our personal situation. It makes us realize the small stuff is just that. Seeing your picture on the front of a national newspaper (17/04/10) with a smile on your face in spite of your condition should be an inspiration to us all. Keep up the good work! Best wishes.

  10. Altamash Jiva says:

    I was really flattered by this post of yours. If it helps you or anyone put life’s little issues into a proper prospective then it is all worth it.

  11. Abeeda Jilani says:

    A Beautiful Sum up 🙂

  12. Chandra Sen says:

    Read me at

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