Female Beauty Is Ageless…

Posted: June 16, 2010 in Dream World
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I woke up with a very strange thought running through my head a few days ago and that thought seems still to be running through my head. Because I woke up with this thought. I imagine I must have been dreaming something but what I can’t remember or even imagine. I woke up comparing a woman to a tree. I can just picture my family rolling their eyes with that one and wondering where is he going with this.

Now, I have to be clear to begin with. First off there is no way I would or could literally compare a woman to a tree, the very idea sounds ridiculous and is just plain ridiculous. I have nothing but great love, respect and admiration for every member of the female gender, all a goddesses in my eyes. I believe God set out to create his greatest master piece of beauty and achieved it in our females. THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!

Now really the only comparable that can be really seem between a woman and a tree is that both are master pieces of beauty created by our Heavenly God.

Let’s get to the tree part. Use your imagination if you have to. Picture yourself walking through a forest. You are surrounded by tall magnificent beautiful trees. At first as you walk you are overwhelmed by the overall panoramic beauty of what you see, just a virtual sea of beauty revealing itself before your eyes with each additional step of the path. Ultimately you return home your mind just boggled by what you have seen.

It is in the early spring and the leaves have just budded out and are a beautiful shade of light green almost a lime green color. You make this walk a daily event and as you venture out more and more you begin to take note of individual trees as opposed to just the overall view. You see that each is perfectly and magnificently created and are just as God wanted them to be. You also note that no two trees are exactly the same, again exactly the way God wants them to be. Some are taller, some shorter, some have more branches, more leaves, some are wider around the trunk. You see some are evenly slightly differently shaped because of the way the branches have formed and spread. You see, admire and respect the differences, knowing each tree is unique and beautiful in its own way. As the season progresses you see the very color of the leaves is beginning to change. Changing from the light green to a deeper fuller shade of green. You appreciate the change but see that it does nothing to affect the overall beauty of the tree. It is still just as beautiful just more mature, in a tree way. The summer passes and fall advances. You now begin to notice another almost miracle of nature as the leaves begin to change color again. This time taking on the most beautiful shades of yellow, reds, oranges they are absolutely stunning to look at. People will actually drive for miles just to see this stunning sight and take pictures of the beautiful trees in all their glory. When you look close you can see some of the leaves are actually “sagging”. But none of that detracts but instead only adds to the beauty of the tree. Is the tree still beautiful to look at, at each of the various times? Yes!!!! Does it change over the season? Yes!!! But nothing detracts from the beauty at any or all times, irregardless of how advanced we are in the season.

I am not sure how well I did it but I have tried to paint a picture showing the changes in the “seasonal” life of a tree. Of how it retains its beauty throughout. Yes, it changes but at no stage is it any less beautiful than it was before. The picture might change, the beauty does not.

This is actually the only comparable I do see between a woman and a tree, the picture may change but the beauty does not.

Ladies you are God’s most beautiful creation, His greatest work of art. You are picture perfect no matter your age. You are at this moment exactly how God created and intended you to be. Society seems to have somehow come to the conclusion that for a woman to be at her prime she must be young and skinny, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. You are at your prime at your most beautiful right now, with no exceptions. God doesn’t make mistakes, if He had wanted you to look any different than you do right now, He would have made it happen. Be proud of who you are and how you look right at this moment.

How often do I read or hear of beautiful women, those that have years of experience at being beautiful, suddenly fretting that they no longer “have it”. It seems to me anyway that most women feel they have to have the face and body of an 18 year old forever. I just ask one question, WHY? If you are not 18 why would you feel you need to have the face and body of an 18 year old. Beauty can change but it doesn’t go away.

I write about enjoying life which is something I wish for all. If we become obsessed with out outward appearance so much can be lost. Ladies I challenge each and every one of you right now to go and really look in the mirror. Look at the beauty in the face you see looking back at you, age or nor anything else can ever change that.

To all the guys that like to look at a beautiful 18 year old young lady. Hey I am right there with you. She is gorgeous, no doubt about it. But really look and you will see so is the 19 year old the 20, 21, 22….35,36…53,54…68,69…80 and 90…. year old lady.

I know I am writing about physical appearance which really shouldn’t even be considered in the overall picture. It is what is inside that counts, I believe that and will be writing more about it in the future.

  1. Sameen Shah says:

    Such a lovely view that you have of women and of this world in general

  2. Jo Hart says:

    Miqdad you have just reminded me of a wonderful memory with my Grandma. Once when we were driving from Queensland to Victoria (2 day drive) I was about 11, bored stupid and whinging in the car and probably driving everyone nuts. My dear old Grandma said to me, look at the trees little one, I bet you can’t see two exactly the same….. At the time, I remember thinking, this woman is nuts, do you really think that is going to entertain me on this boring trip….. Now you have reminded me of the lesson she was trying to teach me… Thanks Miq, and thanks Grandma, It’s only taken me another 25 years and someone else to tell me what you were trying to tell me back then.

  3. indusads says:

    Miqdad you always post the right thing at the right time. Thank you, that was beautiful!

  4. Saima Saleem says:

    Just want to show my respect and my best wishes to u, sir. You are certainly a very wise man knowing how to face most of problems in the life and I agree with u about in the end of day, all the matter is how to live, how to view and how to feel the world.

  5. Catherine says:

    Dunno that I’m quite up to the mirror deal, but I’ll stop whining and start reminding myself that it’s a privilege to GET older.

    Thank you, sir.
    <– means that!!

  6. Jamal Panwahar says:

    Thank you, that was beautiful

  7. Mohsin Kamran says:

    Magnificent 🙂

  8. anika says:

    A lovely post…a beautiful comparison, loved reding it.

  9. Anum Faheem says:

    I hope you look at them with the same eye :)Its easy said then done

  10. Jhanki says:

    Very Positive. No doubt about it

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