I am setting this aside as a separate page. A page where we all can recognize and acknowledge the Earth Angels those are among us. I believe each and every one of us; in our time will be exactly that an Earth Angel to another. Literally every single person could at times be listed on this page.

Here though I want to recognize those few, and we all know the ones I am referring to. The ones that are always the first to offer assistance where needed no matter what the circumstances. Those that always go the extra mile to help out. Those that will just as quickly offer aide to a stranger as quickly as a friend. Those who’s hearts are so full of love and compassion for their fellow man, it seems to almost burst out of their being.

It seems in our world today, recognitions are only given to those that make one huge contributions. This is where I want to recognize the millions that just go about their days making their own small contributions towards making the world a better place for all. Our unsung heroes, that don’t even see themselves as doing anything special,. But they are special and deserve to be recognized, it is the millions and millions of small acts of kindness that make this world a better place to live in daily.

  1. Martha Singh says:

    Andre, Melany and Sandy of Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (seven oaks) as well as the fifth floor unit 1 of Seven Oaks Hospital, are individuals within the health authority that have gone far above their job descriptions. Care and compassion are not prerequisits of the health care profession. However, these individuals made getting through each day a little easier. When Andre came to bathe and shave dad, he spoke to him in a way that made dad smile. Melany was so gentle in her tough job of wound management. Sandy, Sandy was always there in her position as manager. What ever we needed we usually got it that same day. And always with a determination that dad receive the best care possible.
    Unit 1 of Seven Oaks Hospital, professionals with a heart I seen every day that dad was there. When dad passed, they all came to say good bye. They all had tears and wonderful stories dad’s strength in suffering in silence.
    He is gone now, he touched so many lives.

  2. Catherine says:

    I was my pleasure and privilege to care for Mr. Chevillard in his last months. The real heroes are his family members. Karen and Henri showed strength, love and devotion rarely witnessed by this nurse. It was wonderful to see a family taking such exemplary care of its patriarch Mr. Chevillard must have been a very wonderful father to have such wonderful children.

  3. Jessica Krupali says:

    Today I was trying to leave a post on a website calling Caring Bridge. It’s a place where family can post daily updates on someone’s serious or terminal condition and family and friends can send messages. We have a client and friend who is dying of cancer and I stopped short of saying, “Have a Happy THanksgiving”. Although the whole family is devoutely faithful, and they (as we all do, have much to be thankful for, it just seemed inappropriate. Rufus is having extreme breathing difficulties and can’t hold down any food. So, I was looking for words to say that and went to the internet. It was then that I found your site. I couldn’t stop reading. I am at work and so that puts a damper on what/how much I can write. However, I had to let you know that you lhave left such a profound and indellible mark on how significant life, living, and who we are really is! You and Vi and your family are inmy prayers today. Never forget that God still does miracles/

  4. anika says:

    A wonderful post..i agree with what you say. There are many people who make small contributions to make this world a better place and their efforts should be recognized .Also everyone should make an effort to make this world a better place

  5. Catherine says:

    On monday it will be one year since my mom passed away. She was and always will be the angel that was in my life that watched over me. I miss her every day. We are going to have a little get together to laugh and celebrate her life as a family monday evening. I have so many great memories of times with her laughing until we cried, and just being together as mother and daughter. My one hope is that I can have that same kind of relationship with my kids that I had with her!

  6. Mel Carter says:

    Padre Salvatore Renna, a missionary in Brasil who passed away on April 8. I have often posted about him and his work at my blog. He is not just an angel, he’s a true saint and though I miss him dearly, I feel his presence by my side all the time now.

  7. Jo Hart says:

    Amy, many prayers to you and your family.
    What a very touching thing you did for your uncle. That would of be so hard, but what a beautiful way to say goodbye.

  8. Helen says:

    it was a pleasure to talk to you today, as I read your story, it reminds me of what’s the most important thing in life. I admire your strenght and determination, and I will share your story with the other Logitech agents at work, and with my wife.

    God Bless You.

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