Yesterday was a bit of a tough day, I was just beat. Driving out to for interviews was a wonderful time and so very worth the effort but it just wore me out. Got in a good nap yesterday and slept a full 12 hours last night but am still feeling worn out. This tired worn out feeling is different from I have experienced in years gone by and is hard to describe other than just worn out, done in, no energy.

Life is a balancing act. Our precious time is what we seem to try to balance the most. Often trying to balance our time between our jobs or outside commitments and our family or personal time. How much time can be spent doing this or that and it never seems to be enough. Balance is so very important in everything from our emotions right down to our bank accounts and spending.

For me the big balancing act is between getting enough rest and just plain old doing things. Now that sounds like it should be easy, rest when you are tired. Now that is advice everyone should use. Rest when you are tired and accept that energy levels may vary from day-to-day. But, how many of us do that, how many of us can afford to do that? We have jobs, family all sorts of commitments that often force us to push ourselves to meet our obligations. I am at the point in my life where I realize proper rest is critical for my body. I suppose I am in a lucky position in that I have very few obligations that actually require much or any energy from me. I could in fact spend all of each day just sitting around or lying around watching TV or reading and napping. Actually, I do spend much of my day doing exactly that.

I have written of how I like to do what I still can. This is where my balancing act comes into play. More often than not my energy level is about zero and I have to push myself to do almost anything. I wonder sometimes if even a bit of laziness might not be sneaking in. I mean there really is nothing I have to do and no one would blame me if I didn’t do it so why bother? For me that answer is easy, It makes me feel useful, that I am accomplishing something, contributing something.

Over the years my definition of accomplishing something has changed. My past thoughts had always been that to accomplish something it had to be something big or really worthwhile. I have come to realize that depending on circumstances accomplishing something can be as “small” as changing a light bulb. Never stop doing what you can.

One of my bench mark accomplishments of late has been blogging, get done with some sleazy contracts or write editorials in a local newspaper. In my mind I have these all divide up into little sections. I do one little section, rest before moving on to the next. I tackled the articles yesterday and I think for the first time wasn’t able to get it finished. Keeping a positive outlook, well I accomplished half the article, I do have today to finish it.

Questions, how hard should we push ourselves? How hard do you push yourself? How necessary are the things in your life that you push yourself for? How do you determine what is a healthy balance in pushing yourself and what do you do about it?

  1. Helen says:

    Miqdad, sometimes I think you read my mind. I have a poem that one of my friends sent me that I think you will appreciate. I’ll send that to you privately.

    There are things worth that little extra effort and tiring yourself out. I visit friends and family far away once a year or so and while it’s tough and I am exhausted for days after to me it’s worth it. Sometimes you need to still feel like yourself, even if it comes with a little higher price tag some days.

  2. Mel Carter says:

    This (the ‘balance’ thing) I do not know how to do.
    I do know how to ‘rest when weary’. And the Big Guy seems to make arrangements for those ‘rest’ moments–He just clears my agenda for the day. LOL

  3. Shifa anees says:

    i’ve got an update from your blog. nice to know you’re alive

  4. Altamash Jiva says:

    You are so right there are times when it is just worth the effort as it was for me this week. I received your email, that message contained within explained so much in such a clear manner. I thank you for sending it.

  5. Sameen Shah says:

    I do agree with you. There are times that it’s ‘worth’ the zapped energy–like your trip to see Faye.

  6. Sabika Khan says:

    as always you are right. Life is not about accomplishing things, no matter how big or small. It is about living, spending time with family and friends.

  7. Ammar Haque says:

    I think we sometimes push ourselves too hard because of the need to “overcompensate” or that familiar “denial” thing! I think a little less pushing myself is better than pushing too much…but yet, I don’t listen to my own advice very often!

  8. Sara Parker says:

    Sometimes I get to the point where I just lay down and fall apart. Then, I know that I’ve pushed myself too hard…kind of hard to miss when you get to that point, huh?

  9. Hassan Aftab says:

    It’s important to spend quality time with family and friends but to put our health in worse shape to do so, is probably a mistake! But, hey, we do what we do!

  10. anika says:

    A post after a long time…i totally agree with you

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