Has another year slipped away…

Posted: December 23, 2010 in Experience
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I have been in a very reflective mood of late. I am indeed approaching another business anniversary and another calendar year is drawing to a close.

Every year at this time there is an ad that comes on TV and I just hate watching it. I even have to leave the room or at least close my eyes when it comes on. Now, I love kids anyone that knows me knows that. This ad is in fact about kids and does show a number of them, so why does it bother me so much? Well it just tugs at the heart-strings almost breaking this old heart of mine just to see the terrible conditions in which some kids are forced to live. It is an ad placed by one of the wonderful organizations through which you can sponsor a child in need. I think this particular ad is for Christian children’s Fund but there are numerous such organizations.

This particular ad really gets to me even more than the others because of the song that accompanies it. The words just stop me in my tracks and make me think every time I hear it. Keep in mind I am memory guy but the song begins something like this.

“So this is Christmas. Another year has gone and what have you done……..”

It is the “what have you done” that gets me. Somehow it seems the years just fly by. When I hear that song and every year when I REALLY stop to think about it, I hum and haw and realize that beyond surviving, I really haven’t done much. Now don’t take me wrong, believe me I know, there are many cases where just surviving is a feat all in itself. I ask though is just surviving really the way we want to live our lives? I really don’t think that just surviving is really the way any of us want to live. There is so much more to this beautiful life of ours and it is all right in front of us. Right there for us to seize upon yet we don’t and another year is gone. WHY? Please just think about that.

  1. Sabika Khan says:

    Good for you and your business

  2. Mel Carter says:

    So this is Christmas
    And what have you done
    Another year over
    And a new one just begun
    And so this is Christmas
    I hope you have fun
    The near and the dear ones
    The old and the young

    A very merry Christmas
    And a happy New Year
    Let’s hope it’s a good one
    Without any fear

    Oh yes–John Lennon. “Happy Christmas (War is Over)”. I always liked that one–mostly cuz it was good for making me do a bit of reflection…..which tends to be a good thing (just not always comfortable).

  3. Catherine says:

    I’m not sure what you’re meaning when you say “…when I REALLY stop to think about it, I hum and haw and realize that beyond surviving, I really haven’t done much.”

  4. Safina abrar says:

    Maybe you’re speaking to the physical–the accomplishments you can stand back, stare at and say, singlehandedly, ‘yup–I did that’.

    Certainly you’re not talking the relational, interpersonal stuff–the making a difference in the lives of others stuff…..

  5. Salman Ateeq says:

    …Ya know–I don’t have a redone kitchen. And I really haven’t bothered with the bathroom that seriously could stand some help.
    I haven’t bothered to quilt a whole lot. And I don’t have the house painted, or the flooring put in like I was planning on…..shoot…..

    And so this is Christmas–and what have you done…..

  6. Sara Parker says:

    I know a whole lotta people who have laid floors, painted walls and redone kitchens–and none of them have impacted my life in the way that having a relationship with you has.
    You’ve loved and cared about others very, very well.
    Colour me silly–I’d say that counts for a whole LOT of something

  7. Jamal Panwahar says:

    I haven’t seen that particular one this year but there is another that has been on for a couple of months that always nearly makes me cry. It’s about hungry children right here in our country – one holds a sign that says “I’m hungry”, another that says “I got my dinner at a gas station”, and yet another that says “Why does it have to be this way?”. Wherever the hunger is, whether in our own countries or others – it shouldn’t have to be. If every one of us would just help one person – it wouldn’t have to be. So many people just let those commercials pass right by – it’s like they are blinded because there is so much you don’t know where to start. Thank you for starting with one – it will make a big difference!

  8. Jameel Isphani says:

    I can’t stand to watch those ads, either, or the ones about abused or neglected animals. I know it’s important to educate people on those issues, but I just can’t bear to see it. I do what I can to help by donating to animal welfare organizations and sponsoring a little girl through Save the Children, but I won’t watch those ads!

  9. Tere says:

    I am with Mel, though — you do a lot more than just surviving. You touch a lot of people’s lives through this blog — not just the people who read your blog and are comforted or inspired by it, but also the people who are helped every time you request that random acts of kindness be done in your honor. And I have no doubt (in fact, you’ve posted several examples) that you also do a lot of good in your “offline” life, as well, by being a good neighbor, helping stray animals, comforting those who are grieving, and much more. You do a lot more than you give yourself credit for.

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