Each of us individually is only allowed so many days on this earth. Knowing that it is up to each of us to determine how to best spend those days. Particularly when you are young and healthy it is so very easy to put off any such thoughts as make the most of each day, or enjoy each day. We just “know” we have lots of days left ahead of us and we an always get around to what ever it may be tomorrow or next week. I know it is to easy to fall into that pattern of thinking, I did it for years. It is always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow. While it may not seem like it in individual situations, one of the truly amazing things in life is how fast time slips past. Here I am 21 years old, I almost have to pinch myself to make sure I am not just dreaming that. How can so much time have gone by so quickly????? It seems like just yesterday that I thought when someone was 21 they were old already. For the record 21 is not old, 50 is old.I would imagine if you asked someone who was 100 years old, they would likely be even more amazed than I am at how fast time passes you by. No matter your age or state of health, enjoy today make the most of this day for what it is, a Gift from God.

If you think about it, what more precious gift could we be given each day? The gift of being alive, the gift of getting to spend one more day on this earth. In this life we take so very much for granted, the biggest of all being our tomorrows. I watched a TV show last night. It was one of those real life police documentary programs. You know the type of show I mean they take a real life crime or accident, describe the event and then interview witnesses/family members who ever. In this particular case it was about a young man riding a motorcycle and killed in a traffic accident. It was truly heart breaking as the young man’s father was interviewed. That last morning he had been arguing with his son, he was still yelling at his son as the son took off on his motorcycle. How he wishes he could change what would prove to be his last moments with his son. That is the whole point. When they woke up that morning neither father nor son had any idea of how the day would unfold. Neither had any idea this angry exchange would prove to be their last. Had they but known, how different do you think their farewell may have been.

My point is cherish today.

  1. b.wana says:

    I try to remember that–leaving angry is always a bad plan for me. This just seals what I know is true.

  2. Sameen Shah says:

    Yup–cherish the day and be conscious of how you’re leaving the person you’re interacting with. I don’t want the parcel of regret that dad lives with daily…..Makes me sad for him and for the son he lost.

  3. Jamal Panwahar says:

    Some how we have to learn to be able to cherish the moment. Yet, we are human and there as such will be times when tempers flare etc.. It is sad, I suppose the best we can try is to work to minumize those times.

  4. Jo Hart says:

    I read a great statement the other day by someone who was dying, and they said, how sad it was that she only thought to live, when she knew she was dying. She said, don’t wait to have an end to live. I’m trying to hold onto that. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the drama’s of today’s world, that it really wont matter when we are gone. Only what we do know we are here….
    Happy New Year to you all….. xx

  5. Martha Singh says:

    It really is nice to see you back. It is so sad that we just seem to take our time on this earth for granted. This ladies comment is so much like what I have tried to express here on the blog. Live life now while you have it and can enjoy it. Don’t wait to start living until you know you are dying. At that point all you can do is look back over your live with sad eyes seeing so much wasted time.

  6. Sara Parker says:

    Happy New Year, man!!!!

  7. Jameel Isphani says:

    to learn to live well within the possibilities of each day is a wonderful gift. To learn to appreciate where we are today is the best way to live. To learn not to be fearful……. well unfortunately, I’m not there yet. But working on it just the same.

  8. Altamash Jiva says:

    Hope you are free from anxiety and fear. Thanks for your wise advice.

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