I have been thinking about stress in our lives. It seems almost everything I read about stress, I see that it can be a contributing factor to or at least aggravate most illnesses and diseases. We know how detrimental it is to our health, to our lives yet how many of us actually do make a real effort to reduce that stress level. We just accept it as something that is there, a normal part of life.

Now a certain amount of stress does come with life and is good for us. It can be a great motivator prompting us or even forcing us to act on certain issues, get them done and that stress is gone. Everyone is going to face stress in their lives. We have responsibilities we must honor in raising our families, working at our jobs in just living our lives.

I often think of life as being like a highway. My highway of life is the trip I take while in this physical world. Each of us travel down our own “highways” on this journey. The ultimate destination for us all is the same the Gates of Heaven. As with any highway the road is not always that smooth. Sometimes we hit bumps, pot holes, construction areas or even detours that take us off of our planned route. Such is with any highway, such is with life.

While driving on a regular highway and we run into a construction site, what do we do? Well stress goes up at least a little, we slow down, see that the path in front of us is more difficult than we had been expecting and we drive more carefully as continue on, knowing we will get through it.

Now if we look at the “highway of life”. A bump in the road would be comparable to a little issue of some sort but we quickly pass it and it is gone. The size of the bump would correlate to the significance we place on the issue, but irregardless it is quickly passed over. A construction site could relate over to being like a major issue in our lives and these do happen to everyone. Something comes along that hits us hard and usually unexpectedly. Now at these times if we could but remember the highway, we slow down, drive more cautiously and we get through it. If I think back over my life, I can remember times when it seemed I ran face first into a “calamity” and I forgot the just keep going and you will get through this, I know this to be a fact yet when in the midst of this “calamity”, I suppose because I am human I can tend to let emotions run wild and stress sets in. If somehow I could just keep in mind the fact that God has a plan for me and he will get me through this.

This is what I am trying to work on, de-stressing my life. Now it is true I do look at things differently since this business began. It is just with the human world around you it is so easy it seems to back slide. Why is it seems, negative influences can drag you down a lot faster than positive can up lift you.

Stress will kill me, it will kill you. Look at your life. I am sure you will find stressors that don’t really need to be there, so why are you hanging on to them?

I read this somewhere, “If people treat you right, hold them close to your heart. If they don’t treat you right, just let them go.”

  1. Jo Hart says:

    Thanks for the reminder – too much stress is something I allow to happen, there are ways to de-stress I’m just not very good at doing them. The best is to simply do some deep breathing exercises. Every Blessing to you

  2. Catherine says:

    How quickly and easily we can become stressed and how long and and difficult it can at times be to let is go.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  3. Martha Singh says:

    We can certainly let ourselves get carried away to negative places, literally or figuratively, by outside influences or our own unconscious drives.

  4. Altamash Jiva says:

    I admire your attitude in accepting the negativity in others while searching for and trying to release our own, and it is in all of us to some extent or another

  5. b.wana says:

    I keep this little song linked on the sidebar of my blog, and play it whenever I start to feel stressed: Three Little Birds

  6. Jamal Panwahar says:

    It is great. “Don’t worry every little thing is going to be alright.” I think we all need to try and remember that almost on a minute by minute basis in our lives.

  7. Sabika Khan says:

    I know a harp would sound terrible if its strings weren’t stressed. However, I’ve had to learn when my strings are too tight. When there’s no harmony and nothing is in tune, I feel I’ve lost control.

  8. Ammar Haque says:

    That takes me back to being in the presence of the Creator. Where I belong.

  9. Sameen Shah says:

    Ah, you are so right, it is a wonderful prayer.
    “God grant me the serentity to accept the things I can not change.
    The courage to change the things I can and
    the wisdom to know the difference.

    I am humbled by those words.

  10. Jessica Krupali says:

    Thanks Miqdad, a good reminder for us all. Sometimes we get too caught up with small stressors that really, will not effect our day. We need to look at the bigger picture and keep ourselves in the best health while we still can.

  11. Sara siraj says:

    I will concentrate on this thought today and get myself back on the right path.

  12. Jameel Isphani says:

    Great post, Miq. I sort of trained myself a few years ago to stop being stressed out by the small things that don’t really make a difference. This past year I’ve had some much bigger stressors in my life, though, and it’s taken a toll. This is a good reminder not to worry about the things I can’t control.

  13. Hassan Aftab says:

    you keep working on it and you will get there. Right now I am working on it and struggling as are you. Maybe we can all work together and get to where we want to be together.

  14. Mel Carter says:

    thank you for this post. Stress is my middle name. The strangest thing is that in a time of crisis or as you mentioned a bump in the road of life I can be so strong, supportive, etc, but yet when the worst is over is when stress and anxiety seem to capture me. I am working very hard to get this under control, as I know how difficult stress can be on one’s health and well being.

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