Sovereignty is our first precedence

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The recent Peshawar airport attacks has left many speechless, a valiant effort by the so called militant movements, they make it again to the bases of Pakistan and the security agencies once again scratch their heads on what is happening. First the Mehran base in Karachi left several injured and now the Bacha Khan airport with an in-built air base was attacked jeopardizing the life of several civilians. A foreign threat comes from nowhere and threats the sovereignty of the state and we have no one to counter the attacks and hence we see a heavy collateral damage. After the attacks the concluding sentence was Peshawar airport attack kills 10, injures more than 50 where 3 terrorists are shot dead and one security official is killed. I am dumfound at the fact that there is so much going on in Pakistan, first the Malala tale then the series of Moharram bombings and now this Peshawar airport attack and our people have sympathies with the entire world other than the issue their very own country faces. Gaza and Connecticut incidents seem way too important rather than the domestic massacres we see every day. A picture release after the Peshawar incident identifies an Uzbek terrorist and the tattoos drawn on his back claiming it was Black water or a CIA intervention. Well an intelligent mind lays America and Taliban in the same plate so why waste time in flooding social media news feed. Attacks from either of the two entities are not trivial. It’s an American war we are fighting against someone who we cannot identify ourselves. Pakistan is in a state of war and attempts are made to further deteriorate Pakistan before the 2013 elections so either the elections are suspended or if they do happen Pakistan People’s Party steals the seat again and rule for a tenure of another 5 years.


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