Roydon Dmello (Friend)
Miqdad is a man of very few words. Why? Obviously cause he’s a phatu. His most admirable quality and the thing that scares me most about him is his unpredictability. One day studious the other day he’s a drug dealer/ loan shark/ pimp. Damn. I’ll stop praising him for a while and diss him a lil. He has no bloody idea what he’s going to do with his life. Although e has loads of options. Where do I see him 10 yrs from now? Two scenarios: Either he’ll own the biggest Computer Hardware and Software House in the country. Taking IT to the next level or He’ll join the political scene and become corrupt joining hands with the Mafia. Whatever he turns out I know I can always count on him getting my computer fixed. I can always count on him to take me to the most expensive restaurant and buy me a club sandwich or sit at the dhabba and have 5cups of tea puffing a whole pack of Dunhill. (We both have quit smoking) to end this row of lies. Keep rocking and keep in touch.

Roydon Dmello (Friend)
Hmmmmmmmm. ……. MIQI zzabardast bunda haiii.. lotta fun to hang out with . What can I say bout him. I’ve known the guy for quite some time now and we basically learnt eco together did a lot of shit together, and enjoyed every bit of it. Remember the times we wore perfume to impress sum ppl..and those times u made me …. GOOD TIMES HUH ……
Miqi is also big bharam baaz and stuck by me through all the shitty times along with our eco filies at forum .. He’s like my lil brother .. And he’s the kind of guy who’d do anything for friends.. One of my best buddies…… miqi.. hang in there man.. & Stay cool as always!!!

Roydon D’mello (Friend)
(this testimonial is written on gunpoint)miqdad is a very .. how do i put it Sensitive person. Whether thats a good thing or bad u’ll have to meet him and find out. Sala bar bar dosti ke naam se darata hai dhamkata hai .. lekin kaam ke waqt hes the only guy that u can count on and trust. Now thats not a quality u find in many.

Salik Hanif (Friend)
Hmmmmmmmm. ……. MIQI zzabardast bunda haiii.. lotta fun to hang out with . What can I say bout him. I’ve known the guy for quite some time now and we basically learnt eco together did a lot of shit together, and enjoyed every bit of it. Remember the times we wore perfume to impress sum ppl..and those times u made me …. GOOD TIMES HUH ……
Miqi is also big bharam baaz and stuck by me through all the shitty times along with our eco filies at forum .. He’s like my lil brother .. And he’s the kind of guy who’d do anything for friends.. One of my best buddies…… miqi.. hang in there man.. & Stay cool as always!!!

Samana Ali (Cousin)
ok my annoying cousin, here’s ur testimonial for which i was literally begged! 😛 khair, miqdad wt do i say abt u? ur v helpful & sweet but most of all, ur annoyyinnngg!! haha…u can annoy just about anyone…and i know u can bug me anytime! hehe..ur a complete comupter ka keerra, movie addict, cell phone freak (God knows how many connections u have now) and just crazy!

i miss all the times we’ve spent together…spending the night at each other’s place, playing cricket, dark room, watching movies..i miss those times. ‘dil ka catch’ yaad hai? haha…u wudnt stop making fun of me and i was so annoyed! hehe…and remember wen we all came to ur place to spend the night, i threw water on ur neighbours and the next day they complained and told mami to keep the ‘pagal bachi’ under control…haha.that was a blassstt!!i miss those times a lot!!!but im glad we have soo many memories together! =)

oh.. and i have to say the same typical line…my testimonial cannot be complete without it…’stay the same’ 😛 =D

Faizan Masood (Friend)
Well well well..This BIATCH is one of my best friends more lyk my bro..
he is a nice natured guyyy….
its fun hanging out wid him…Jab bhee hum miltay hain tafreeh shuru…
This guy will never let u get bored in his company and his great sense of humour adds to the fun we have together..He is there for u whenever u need him and helps u out all the TIme [just kiddin itna bhee acha nahi hai lolz]
Aur han bay manhoos kameenay ziyada baqwas nahi kia ker [stop going after the chicks I like]
Everday he makes a commitment to himself about leaving his chain smoking habit but the same night he goes home with a pack of cigarattes in his pocket SALA!!!
Hmm the things i like about him nothing but his FRIENDSHIP…And the things i hate about him nothing but his FRIENDSHIP!!!!! lolx
BOHAT bara uthao hai yeh you should look at his innocent face while talking to teachers lolx thts a very good sight…Anyway..
Friends for life…..
LUV u……

Faizan Edhi (Friend)
Ey bOi…!! SEt BAnDA hai Yar.. MA JiGer.. have not much to say Abt MIki.. PLaybOi Of de SKool….HEhe … NAhi Yar POpUlAr bAnDA hai.. I Luv His HAiRz MEsseD uP Wid GEl alL FuCkIn TYMez . no mAtter u SEe Him at nIte… He DESerVes REspEct .. So YU bytCheZ REspEct him.. TrUly ROcKIn… TEsTiz dun lUk KOOl WEn pRolonged…HEhe… BYez… EDHI

Shoaib Patel (Friend)
Mickey is lyk my bro…..
I know him since last 4 Years…..
he is a nice natured guyyy….
its fun hanging out wid him….
u never get bore in his company……he is a jollyy guyyy….its fun being wid himmm…………
he is a loving guyyy……
whtelse shud i describe about him….
actuallyy 1024 words r not enough to describe him……

Imran Mansoor (Friend)
so finaaly i m writing a testi for mï©këÿ $@/\/\ one of my Good Friends from F.P.S …wel wat to say abt him….1024 words are less to describe him wel describing his nature is a very dificult job…he is sweet… honest…generous…loving…caring …respecting…..One quality of his tht i ll have to describe in detail is tht he is very kind!! He is like my bro and he is fun loving,a chiller and wht not.
he is a kind of person ..who make u hapy …make u sad…make u laugh n sum time make u cry….u neva knw him…he has a passion of S_ _ _ _ _ _ G or had i think….(Cant DIsclose it) as Miqi is right orkut is public website Man !!
In short Mickey is really a chiller!
Yo man! Keep Rocking and Neva change!

Roydon D’Mello (Friend)
Where do I start about miqdad… one of the craziest yet most uniquely gifted individual i’ve ever met… haven’t know him for much long yest we’ve become good friends and now i can’t wait for the day i part from him cuz i’ve genuinly had enough.the biggest uthao i’ve ever seen. Now for the lies… hes a guy with a genuinely big heart. Will not think twice lending a hand to help… in times of trouble u know u can count on miqdad… had some great memories at the dhaba havin cups of tea which we will regret in our old age. The tafreeh at Collins talking about chicks trying to impress them… the whole saga of quitting smoking… miqdad dude u rock .. Stay the way u are enjoy life (also get serious bout it) cuz life’s short. be the amazing person u are ( ppl I’m not gay nor has miqdad payed me to write this for him, I genuinely like him)one day u will get all the chicks u want and even sex. Till that time keep it in your pants … ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!!! And keep off drugs and stop going after the chicks I like!!

Mishal Anwar (Friend)
hello pube! i guess i owe this to you! well MiQi is just MiQi i wouldnt know how to describe my relationship with him…weve been so many things.. all i know is that MiQi is someone u can count on and hes probably one of the only people who cares about me like he does even though I don’t really deserve it.. we’ve been through so much together I wouldn’t be able to live my life without you in it.. He always knows how to cheer you up.. he’s the MOST pissing of person I know and he has the biggest side burns its hilarious! i must know your secrret plan… MiQi is really loyal to his friends… im sorry but you really have a crap taste in music.. and YOUR the biggest attension seeker i know! but the best thing about you and the worst thing about u is that u change evreything into a joke! its fun being around you cos ur never sad… u know you should really learn to open up even though u insist theres nothing to say and dont call me a pessimist cos u know im not anymore! when i look back at everything last…Mishal

Umair Akram (Friend)
When i was new at FPS i had no friends and at the same time i did want friends, gud friends… to meri miqi saab say kuch understanding develop hui, shuru main to mainay socha k he’s a BIG BIG DHAKKAN, but as we both understood each other our friendship got stronger and stronger…. and dis makes me feel happy that i have got a best bro and buddy (zada emotional ho gaya tha khush na ho beta)
caring boht hai, baatain share karnay main to iss ko koi prob nai hoti(sign of a best friend) lekin kuch dinon say waisay iss k screw dheelay ho ry hain….
skool main baatain kar k ghar per bhi he talks wid me and we both talk for a longer period, usually boys r not happy in doing h.w magar yeh saab to raat k 5 bajay tak h.w complete karain gay (Prolly tcher ki nazar main acha student bannay k liye)upset boht juldi ho jata hai,,aisa lagta hai marnay wala hai.
well i would always pray to ALLAH k may we be best friends and our friendship continues, MISS U LUV U TATA MUAAAAAAAAAA

Muhammad Ali (Friend)
MiQiiii…..known him since 7th grade…wher da hell were u b4 dat?? but i was livin a peaceful life b4 that bcoz now i cant toleratte…neway hes a wonder-fool person wid a great personality…..
he aint as obsessed with smallville but seems to know quite alot about superman and XXX….hehehe….cuz his DN is spidey sumthin sumthin=p
he is a god gifted and best topi master i have ever met…anyone who needs a topi plz call him bcoz he will give u a perfect one-that fits u best.
n one thin everyone shud know about him is dat he loves pizza so wheneva u invite him to pizza hut make sure you order an entire large pizza jus for him and ya a peg of wine 2…hehe…if u have ne problem girls MiQi is dere for you but 4 boys-NEVER n he is a lil hot tempered so dunt mess wid him=p…hehehe .well tafree is all wats made for miqi and not the books. luv ya dude

Ifra Iftikhar (Friend)
Well, miqdad is a real cool guy, and is the person u can go to if u hav lots and lots to talk abt nothing and just need someone to listen to u. hes always keen to giv his advice, even when u don’t need it…..plus, hes the only person whos online at two in the night besides me, I hav to admit, that’s one thing we have in common. He also has a sorta wannabe attitude (no offense, to make up, u can say something bad abt me when u right me a testi, k?)Well, that’s enough, I guess, so dude, keep rocking, keep ruling and keep talkin

Urooj Yousufi (Friend)
another testi for u miqi..well i will not say it is hard to describe him..he is a very caring person..easy to get along with..full of masty..full time party banda..in his company u can never get bored..whch i have experienced soo many times..really enjoy argueing with him..last but not the least a very reliable person…and very helpful..neways tkr and gudluck in the future..

Rafay Paracha (Friend)
well MIKKI one of my best friendz iz a gr8 person although he sometimes get of out mind and does very anoying actz that r simply unbearable..aap sab choreen sirf bandey ki kalmein dekheen 3.5 inches ki kalmain..we have a real gud time in our acctz class..waisay hamaray accountz ke sirf ke alfaz MIKKI ke baray mein ‘YEH MERI HAMAISHA HATATA REHTA HAI’..chal bhai bohat ho gaya…

Virdah Hassan (Friend)
yo0!!..m finaLLy wRiTin’ u a TesTimoniaL..ho jaO khush aB..
ok..lemme put some burden on ma brain..hmmm…goin’ four years back!… met him!!..n a yr after tht..i got to knw him..n what i fiGured out tht he can be a realy go0d mate!..he’s aLwayS GiveN me a g0od CamPany..lol..he’s aLways ChiLLed…an easy goin perSon…dun take any sorTTa tensIOn .. at least i’ve never seen him teNseD aT aLLL…lol..is kinDa ~NoSeY~…buh tht Doesn’t Matter Much!…
except tht.. thora sa ~bewaqo0f~ bhi hai…jaLdi baaT samajh nai aaTi….aur jab nai aati toh humara dimagh khaaTa hai!!..;)..eik bemari aur bhi hai,,d0osr0n ki heLp karnai Kii jiS main uLTa iSS ka khud ka nuksaan h0ta hai ;)… anyways.. had a reallyyyyyyy kewL tyme wid you.. n i’m surely gonna miss you…
ok enDinG this TesTimoniaL here…
thnx for being there wid me..
KeeP smiLin’..n remember i’ll aLways be there whhn u need me… keep praYin’ for..
go0d Luck…

Ali Rizvi (Friend)
I met this guy a few months back at fps n he is now one of my best frnds. Mickey is wat i like calling him..Frndly,Jolly,Intelligent, n Sluggish r some of his prominent qualities. His favorite past time is chatting on fone. He is one of those ppl whom i alwayz enjoy being with. The best thing abt him is his caring nature.I wish he accomplish all his dreams n goals if life. Best wishes for u dear.

Wajiiha Inam (Friend)
well,wht can i say abt miqdad…..
i dnt knw him tht much but i’ll try to write a gud 1…ok
he is a nice n sweet guy,loves to callllllll pppl n i think can’t liv without it.actually the prb with miqi is tht his mood changes alot,i mean pata nahin lagta kab miqi ka acha mood hai n kab bura hmmmmmmmmmhe loves his frnds n as far as i knw this person,he can do anything for the sake of his frnds.he used to do bad things but m glad k a miqi has changed alot after listning to his frnds.he is a different kind of person …..i dnt actually get words to describe his personality,overall he is a nice person thtss all wht i can say abt him….
bye n tc
n b lik this forever

bss yaar app ki jhoti tarefain kar kar k thak gai hoon ina kafi tha

Kiran Ali (Friend)
it took me 360 days to learn his difficult name and it was an achievement to learn his name and pronounce it properly…………………….
miqdad a really carefree and kool guy
u can trust him when ever u feel insecure
i have been wid him since 4 years and i had a blast wid him
ma best friend………..micky is his nick
a really gutty guy……………
finally i was gald when i heard that micky has left smoking gud work yaaaar
bus dont forget me
we will arrange get together once or twice in a month to keep in touch
take care
love ya dude

Mohammad Sami (Friend)
miqdad/micky..the first guy i made frnds with in this school…is a really nice and decent guy….he has got a really really good personality ….he is always there to give a decent advice to you….and u can only fid this guy in the whole school who will try to help u if u are in a bad situation…..lol…and plus hes my manager and my agent…and will help me in “some” cases when i become a soccer player…lol….hey man thanx fer being ther fer me all the time….
u seriosly rock like hell….and never change……………………byeeee Sami

Sarah (Friend)
an really awsome guy always friendly
the best thing about him is friends are his first priority after his family
he is smart, and good comedian
and finally he is quitting smoking
man u r the best
just take care and beaware of breaks in ur life
he is also trust worthy and finally leaving us all
but dont u dare micky of forgetting i am always wid u just gimme a call and i’ll be there
take care
love ya

Hassan Qadir (Friend)
miqiiiii……….he is adorable. I luv him very much but dont worry ppl we are straight. He is a gr8 frnd and classmate. We have spent 3 years together and it was a gr8 time we use to smoke at the back of skl , bunk classes , make telephone calls in washroom and tease our library teacher……well ppl i had a blast with him. But now tht time is over we all have passed the skl and now god knows where we end up…..together aur alone. BUt miqi i m trying to quit smokin and u shld also plzzzzz……..take care dude and keep rocking…..aur dont dare forgetting me……

Palwasha Yahya (Friend)
hmmmmm MICKEY is a totally awesome person at times really sweet but at times very irritating and annoying unfortunately god send us both on earth the same day ,well i hav 2 say one thing bout this guy tht when u feel alone leftout or in probz u can count on dis guy(note=it doesnt means he solves them he just create a mess of it)lolz he loves to keep all the information of wats going around can be a lil nosey at times but in end all i have to say hes a really pagal but nice human being.

Rameez (Friend)
“I’m not sure when it happened But I’m very glad it did You came into my life when I really needed a friend The more I get to know you The more I know myself And this is why I’m thankful For you are just yourself You and I are different And in many ways the same I promise to always be here Forever and to the end You are the true definition of My best company i have ever had with u. Thanx for being there…

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