The youth of Karachi enjoyed a great evening with Imran Khan on Friday, 16th April at the Marriott hotel. The event had been organized TimmyBazooka  Event INC. who had invited students of various other universities of Karachi to share the event with them.

The agenda was for Imran Khan to talk about youth and nation building but the event was begun by a speech from a representative of NCUK (Northern Consortium United Kingdom. In his speech Mr. Jeff spoke about the alliance of 11 top UK universities which will be offering education to Pakistanis in Pakistan in the name of their universities so as to reduce the cost of studying in international universities.

Although Imran Khan was accompanied by two friends, one of whom was re-knowned dentist Dr. Arif Alvi, who were also called upon to deliver short speeches, they spoke only a few lines and left the stage clear for the person everyone had been waiting for with impatience. Imran khan was received at the podium with rapturous applause, with the devotion and allegiance of all present over there visible.

After the hall had quietened, Imran Khan began his speech in which he talked about how the youth could transform this beleaguered nation, and what the youth needs to do to achieve that transformation. Among the points on which he stressed the most was how the young people should dream big and never give up on those dreams. He talked about his own achievements and how he had only achieved them after persevering in his efforts and with his never say die attitude.

He also stressed upon the need of being fearless, fearless of being opposed, of failure, of going against the established norms of our society. He gave examples of great leaders like Nelson Mandela who had endured so much just because of standing for his own beliefs and the rights of his fellow countrymen. He demonstrated again his own desire to prove his critics wrong by one day taking Pakistan in the right directions towards success.

He talked about the current problems in the government and in the country and explained how it all needed to be completely changed and overhauled. After completing his speech he invited questions from the audience which fairly caused havoc in the hall as most of the mostly university students seated wanted to ask him questions. He answered each question asked in detail. Some questions were indeed very good which showed that the youth of Pakistan understands the problems that this country faces very well, and that they only need the right leader to show them how they can help their country.

Since he had to leave the city that very night, the question and answer session had to be cut short while a long queue still remained for asking him questions. Many people managed to ask their questions as he was about to leave, yet a lot of people still remained, and this is a testament to the huge following that Imran Khan evokes in the people of Karachi. It also demonstrated the need for Imran Khan to make more frequent trips to the city so that he can satisfy the enquiries of his followers here.

The event ended with the audience savouring the special evening spent listening to their hero. A truly memorable evening, and one just hopes that all that Imran Khan said in his speech of one day achieving for his country, is achieved very soon and brings peace and prosperity to this troubled nation.

  1. Salman Ateeq says:

    Impressive. Miqdad meets IK 🙂

  2. Rajeev Kumar says:

    The event was no doubt awesome with an unpredictable response

  3. Anum Faheem says:

    No one can be smarter than Imran khan.He is just too good looking.A very charismatic personality.Lucky enough miqdad to shak hands with imran khan!

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