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The Malala Tale

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Malala Yousufzai fly’s in the air these days, the name which last got projection in January 2012, was nowhere to be found till Malala was attacked, and this week she took 30 minutes of airtime from each of the most reputable news channels. Political parties pay millions for this piece of airtime, but talking about Malala for 30 minutes straight is something to worry about. Who pays the media for projecting Malala so much? A question that is never countered or just diplomatically handled by our very own interior minister.
Malala Yousuf Zai was attacked on the 8th of October and till date millions of rupees have been spent to bring her back to life. The money which the government earns from the tax payers. A fourteen year old gets a VIP cure and the media creates such a flimflam that without Malala Gilgiti revolution would revert back. What about the hundreds of thousands of children in Waziristan who got killed by the US drones, what about the sectarian violence in Karachi that kills more than 10 people on average every day? Are we setting a criterion that the learned gets the best of treatment while the illiterate is left to die?
The Swat flogging video that came out previously, shook the world, later on it was confirmed that the video was bogus, the fake flogging incident resulted in the Swat operation and now attacks on Malala reconfirm that the government plans to operate Waziristan.
We have miserably failed as a nation-state. Jinnah had a dream, and we failed him. The more political parties are born, the more ideologies we have and that means Pakistan breaks in to more slices. Malala’s incident is just a political stunt to fool the masses. The government has something big in mind and above that the upcoming elections, PPPP will have it in their manifesto “We saved Malala Yousuf Zai, a Pakistani revolutionary” and we’ll sit here only, spectate and clap.

The courts have acquitted Davis in a perfectly legal manner. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said on multiple occasions that the government will abide by the court’s decision, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said the Punjab government was not involved in the release.
This leaves only a few loose ends to this James Bond ending to the Davis saga:
The media hype, and inevitable spin, where it remains to be seen what the final TV channel ‘approved narrative’ to this release will be.
The religious/political/other groups who will still hope to milk the Davis case, calling foul, calling for revolution, and calling for toppling the government who will be blamed for letting a murderer loose.
Looking beyond the moral arguments tied into this saga , I would argue that this ‘diplomatic disaster’ has come to a best-case-scenario end. A week from now, the media hype will have died down, several new crises will have emerged, many of which will trump the Davis saga, and the United States and Pakistan will go back to their usual quagmire of issues. Till then, we can all sit back and witness the media wave rise and crash.

Today is 2nd August,  the second day of the month when our country got its independence and we are harassed by the situation through which our country is going through. Floods, target killing and now one of our MPA’s was shot dead. The citizens haven’t been able to get over the tragedy of the plane crash in which every person had a 6 degree relation with some or other one. I knew at least 4 people who died, one was a person with whom I discussed business, a person belonging to the same school and one of my school mates husband and the his brother. We still don’t know what the reality was of the plane crash. Does any of our politician have an answer to it. How can an experienced pilot do such foolish thing?  What was wrong in the plane? Some says a missile fire, some says it was hijacked, some says it was because of the jammers, some says it was because the run way was busy the pilot was asked to take another round and come back after 5 minutes. Can we please get an answer to our queries till when in the government going to hide the realities from us we need the answers.

Then we have the natural flood which has completely taken over with more than 1500 people dead. Where are all our volunteers, why isn’t the government sending them the required aid. And in these situations how can our bloody President go out and have fun in England in an expensive suite, how can he even sleep when his people are dying of hunger and poverty.

Now here we have another MPA dying because of traget killing while he is doing his Wuddu in the Masjid and then we call ourselves Muslim??? Is this what Islam teaches us to kill people in Masjid isn’t Islam suppose to be the name of tolerance?

what is happening to my country when will we be able to come out of all these problems. Till when we as a nation will stay quite. Please have mercy on yourselves and stand up and raise your voices before its too late before we end up in a situation where we are not able to do anything. Stand up not for others but for your nation and for your selves for your better future.