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We Failed Jinnah…

Posted: May 19, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Pakistan’s populace has at all times consulted the Islamic values for answers to their troubles, although being repetitively thwarted by the recitals of their Islamic leaders. The Jihad extremists groups have caused immense stir in the Pakistani society. Not only that the question of nation’s long-forgotten secularity is questionable under the light of religious intolerance but, the sectarian divide between Sunnis, Shias, Wahabi, Barelvi and Deobandis has come on the surface. Mualvis have been playing rather an extremist role than in actual following the serenity, persistence and tolerance fundamentals taught by Islam. It wouldn’t be wrong to assert that these Islamic movements are more politically prone instead of religion being the focal point. Religion is merely a pedestal to accomplish the political agendas.
Jihad in the light of Islam is striving against one’s own will and it is an effort in the way of Allah. Nonetheless, in Pakistan, there are 22 alliances and organizations that correspond to the Wahhabi/Salafi faction and share greater dynamics in their schools of thought. Among them, only three— the Jamatud-Da’wah (JuD), its auxiliary group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and one smaller group Jamatul-Mujahedeen (JM)—support radical jihad. An additional Salafi militant group, Tehreekul-Mujahedeen, working in Kashmir, deems its movement, a fraction of the Kashmiri sovereignty struggle.
Besides these factions, each other Wahabi wing regards “Jihad against the Self” (Jihad bil-Nafs) as the superior jihad and deems that militant jihad ought not to be waged unless affirmed by the state. These parties do not regard the jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir binding. The LeT, JM and JuD are also hostile towards the existing autonomous arrangement in Pakistan and aim to inflict a Khilafah, or the Caliphate, in place of the presidential form of government, while the other Wahabi parties not only distinguish Pakistan as a rightful, legitimate state, but also participate in electoral political affairs independently or in coalition with other political parties.
Former senator and human rights attorney Iqbal Haider believes that jihadi militant groups have devoted Pakistan. He emphasizes that:
‘They have grievously hurt Pakistan’s international image, economy and society. What is the achievement of their so-called jihad? Our society has been brutalized by them.’ (Robert, 2003)
The Islamic extremism has pessimistically impacted the Pakistani society. Likewise, many emergent countries, education are not a priority on the list of essentials. Private education is expensive while, government schools are mostly serving as ghost schools with little to do with standardized education. In such a scenario, where minorities are overlooked, the Muslim majority, particularly the poor Muslims innate are being facilitated by the free madressahs or Islamic schools, especially during Zia’s regime, they gained popularity and were funded by Zakat. However, their creditability lacked in terms of the customary education being taught in them.
These madressahs served as political foreground to train the young minds in to so-called justified terrorism. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy conducted a survey of these schools in Swat- A Talibanised city of Pakistan and revealed in her documentary, how young boys have been trained and falsely led to believe the fruitful reward of suicide bombing in the afterlife. The poor families are paid a monthly stipend to admit their sons in to these schools. Conversely, girls have been banned from acquiring education and hundreds of girls’ schools have been bombarded and demolished.
Pakistan’s interior minister Moinuddin Haider, “stated
‘The brand of Islam they are teaching is not good for Pakistan. Some, in the garb of religious training, are busy fanning sectarian violence and poisoning people’s minds’. (Jessica Stern, 2000)
Terrorism has adversely dented the Pakistan’s economy. The development rate is more so like observing a car accident in a slow motion. Every year the amount of budget allocated on the army and then to counter the terrorist activities is much greater than the development progress. It is annihilating at a faster pace than it is developing. The government has failed to tackle these issues, thus country’s economy is draining out in haste.
All in all, it is the disappointment of those influential’s that have strained Pakistanis into a position of having to decide between sustaining the primal and frequently atrocious conservatism of the Taliban, and a fraudulent and expedient pro-Western regime. It is not only in deteriorating to efficiently confront the political establishment that the lobby group has botched; it is as well by permitting itself to be subjugated by conformist and sectarian Islamic factions such as the Taliban, LET, JUD and others akin to them. The dilemma of the Talibanization of Pakistan’s Islamic culture and dissertation has long been acknowledged and has not been successfully tackled from inside the movement. This was a matter that the Jamaat-e Islami should have been preferably positioned to tackle, known the cerebral integrity of the late Maulana Maududi.
Pakistan has lost its true secularism agenda, mislaid between the forced Islamisation and extremism of the jihadi groups; the state has long forgotten what the leader dictated. In a country where sectarian disputes do not settle, minorities have long been disregarded.
The minorities affiliated with the congress that lost the elections in 1937 were left with no choice but to use religion as a tool. Pakistan has been breeding Islamists since its inception and now even politicians use the religion tool to climb up the hierarchy for instance Imran Khan, a pro-Taliban radical who proves to negotiate with the Taliban’s, a declared terrorist organization which has been banned under 4 governments.
Indeed, Jinnah had a dream and we failed him.


I don’t know whether to commend or condemn Feisal Naqvi for his apparent lack of faith in and disregard for his own countrymen.

Let me first commend him on the fact that he actually acknowledged Imran Khan for what he is doing. I agree with your point that he is a left center politician with semi-jihadist tendencies and that he has some sort of aura with regards to bridging the gap between the poor and wealthy and that that he can convince our youth to actually come out of their comfort zones and come on the streets.

Now let me condemn you, Feisal, what is the difference between your children and Zohair Toru? Are your children not burger babies? Come on, you would be scared to death if one of your kids said “Daddy I am joining the revolution”. You would buy them a nice expensive gift (read: bribe) and tell them to sit themselves down. You act like a righteous lawyer, but where have you been in times when Pakistan has been through hell and back in recent times? It was these burger babies that got your movement going, had it not been for them then you would have been on the streets. Oh wait you are a partner in a law firm, my mistake; you are already a super wealthy lawyer who doesn’t care much about his country.

If you really want to make a difference then don’t sit in your air conditioned office, condemning a kid for doing what he genuinely believes in regardless of how he expresses it, go and do something about it. At least he has shown a modicum of intention. You are no different than the facebook, twitter and myspace users who made fun of this kid with their pseudo-intellectual statuses and comments. It is because of people like you condemning these kids that, a change will never be inevitable. So I humbly request you to please keep your pessimistic attitude to yourself.

We as a whole believe in dirty politics, and that is exactly what has rendered our country incapable of growing as a nation. Our egocentric politicians have been living abroad, they get their kids educated abroad, they have stashed their wealth abroad, but they do not want the masses to obtain knowledge from abroad. Our future is surely the mommy-daddy burger babies as they are perhaps the best domestically educated citizens and have twitted around to see all that happens abroad.

It is time we learn to be human beings that look to cultivate tolerance. Imran Khan is a leader who wants to bring a sense of humanism into politics, something that we have left to the thugs and the gandasa bearers. Politics was a profession of statesmen like the great Quaid, Liaquat Ali Khan, the Aga Khan, Abdur Rab Nishter; demigods worthy of being idolized and followed. The present day politicos are none better than village hoodlums.
So, please let a thousand flowers bloom. If someone who eats better than the starving millions do not ostracize him from taking to politics just because he defied your pre-concieved notion of a ‘burger’. In the big cities, I have seen protesters walk silently on the roadsides or huddled into a square, carrying banners expressing their fears and feelings, with no police anywhere wielding batons as they have all the freedom of expression in a democratic set up. We, in Pakistan, are still following the colonial dictates. It’s time to learn and be civilized, Toru or no Toru. Why blame the upcoming youth, maybe he brings us some sense of fair politics.

Good, grammatically accurate criticism. However, I don’t think any of those who sat at home watching Zohair Toru on youtube, sharing it with people, laughing their rear-ends off, and as Mr. Toru put it “clicking facebook status’” is eligible to pass nasty comments, or more importantly coin the boy as “burger-baby” “mummy-daddy” type. It is sad indeed, that a well-sort writer such as Mr. Naqvi uses immature and cynical words. Look into your own house, are your sons, brothers, nephews or whatever not the sort who sit in front of the PS3 and play games? Who sit among friends, puff out smoke and comment on the political situation thinking they have the poltical genius it takes to run this country. And then have the audacity to laugh at a boy from the same genre who actually went out and spoke for them. Just because of what? His accent? His content? His way of expression? He spoke his heart out; spoke whatever the youth generally feels… How many of you will even let your children out on the street to speak for the nation?
Rather than appreciating the young lad for whatever he did on his part, you mock him by giving him nasty nicknames? It’s nothing but sad, immature, and disgusting really.
Since you are a writer I’m sure you know of the quote, ‘Never throw stones if you live in a house with glass windows.
Look at the people from the same generation in your house, and then judge those who actually “TRY” to do something for the nation built for them, and quit the mockery.
A pointless article, especially for someone who has reached an age that allows a person to comment positively on the efforts of a person who tries his best.

Well I personally think Mr.Toru is man enough to at least opt for a revolution, Why the media is still picking on the Kid despite the fact he came on the television and explained clearly that he at least was doing something better than people sitting at home and making fun of him, is beyond me. He made an effort to come on the streets and yell that it’s time we should wake up, but his efforts are articulated in a negative manner. It’s easy to pen down.  Toru did and unfortunately is criticized for a brave act. I am dumb found at the fact that newspapers promote anti-revolutionary articles/activities.

Today is 2nd August,  the second day of the month when our country got its independence and we are harassed by the situation through which our country is going through. Floods, target killing and now one of our MPA’s was shot dead. The citizens haven’t been able to get over the tragedy of the plane crash in which every person had a 6 degree relation with some or other one. I knew at least 4 people who died, one was a person with whom I discussed business, a person belonging to the same school and one of my school mates husband and the his brother. We still don’t know what the reality was of the plane crash. Does any of our politician have an answer to it. How can an experienced pilot do such foolish thing?  What was wrong in the plane? Some says a missile fire, some says it was hijacked, some says it was because of the jammers, some says it was because the run way was busy the pilot was asked to take another round and come back after 5 minutes. Can we please get an answer to our queries till when in the government going to hide the realities from us we need the answers.

Then we have the natural flood which has completely taken over with more than 1500 people dead. Where are all our volunteers, why isn’t the government sending them the required aid. And in these situations how can our bloody President go out and have fun in England in an expensive suite, how can he even sleep when his people are dying of hunger and poverty.

Now here we have another MPA dying because of traget killing while he is doing his Wuddu in the Masjid and then we call ourselves Muslim??? Is this what Islam teaches us to kill people in Masjid isn’t Islam suppose to be the name of tolerance?

what is happening to my country when will we be able to come out of all these problems. Till when we as a nation will stay quite. Please have mercy on yourselves and stand up and raise your voices before its too late before we end up in a situation where we are not able to do anything. Stand up not for others but for your nation and for your selves for your better future.