Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action…

Karachi, October 5: Engro launched the ‘I Am The Change’ campaign to honor efforts of individuals who are impacting life of marginalized communities in the spheres of education, health and livelihoods. The campaign was launched amid a bloggers and media meet held in Karachi.

I Am the Change is a digital competition to recognize the efforts of Pakistani individuals and institutions who have joined forces in a relentless pursuit of shaping a better tomorrow, as they strive for change through long-term investments in the key areas of education, livelihoods and health.

Speaking at the occasion, the keynote speaker Sarfaraz A. Rehman – CEO, Engro Foods said, “We strongly believe in investing in tomorrow by taking complete ownership to inspire change. Our business strategies too are aligned with our vision of creating a sustainable future and serving all our stakeholders beyond their expectations. We take ownership of the welfare and growth of the communities in which we operate and the ‘I Am The Change’ initiative is a magnification of our outreach to a multitude of individuals and institutions operating outside the communities that host us. Our focus through this campaign essentially is to help and empower these unsung heroes so that they can expand the magnitude of their benefits to the masses.”

To participate in the ‘I Am The Change’ competition, nominations can be submitted through the dedicated microsite The entries will be judged by a panel of judges. Winners of the competition will be selected on the basis of the scope of their social work; level of impact, number of beneficiaries and the ability to replicate the program amongst other key considerations.

All entries must be submitted online by December 2013. Details about the competition can be accessed on I Am The Change official website or Engro Foundation’s Facebook page


The Malala Tale

Posted: October 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Malala Yousufzai fly’s in the air these days, the name which last got projection in January 2012, was nowhere to be found till Malala was attacked, and this week she took 30 minutes of airtime from each of the most reputable news channels. Political parties pay millions for this piece of airtime, but talking about Malala for 30 minutes straight is something to worry about. Who pays the media for projecting Malala so much? A question that is never countered or just diplomatically handled by our very own interior minister.
Malala Yousuf Zai was attacked on the 8th of October and till date millions of rupees have been spent to bring her back to life. The money which the government earns from the tax payers. A fourteen year old gets a VIP cure and the media creates such a flimflam that without Malala Gilgiti revolution would revert back. What about the hundreds of thousands of children in Waziristan who got killed by the US drones, what about the sectarian violence in Karachi that kills more than 10 people on average every day? Are we setting a criterion that the learned gets the best of treatment while the illiterate is left to die?
The Swat flogging video that came out previously, shook the world, later on it was confirmed that the video was bogus, the fake flogging incident resulted in the Swat operation and now attacks on Malala reconfirm that the government plans to operate Waziristan.
We have miserably failed as a nation-state. Jinnah had a dream, and we failed him. The more political parties are born, the more ideologies we have and that means Pakistan breaks in to more slices. Malala’s incident is just a political stunt to fool the masses. The government has something big in mind and above that the upcoming elections, PPPP will have it in their manifesto “We saved Malala Yousuf Zai, a Pakistani revolutionary” and we’ll sit here only, spectate and clap.