Face Book is Temporarily Banned in Pakistan…

A Pakistani court has issued a ban on the social networking site Facebook after a user-generated contest page, encouraged members to post caricatures of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh).

The vast scale protest and rallies are being staged to express grievance against the provocative publication and drawing of cartoon of Holly prophet of Muslims. The protesters are displeased and disapprove the accesses of the oppressors keeping their upper hand.

But these protests do not carry any ultimatum nor can be called a rebellion rather it shows a helplessness and the weakness on the part of demonstrators that their provokers, they know that Muslims do not have the ability or the resources to pre-empt any counterattack in equal coins.

The entire Muslim world stretching from western Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Subcontinent to the Far East happens to be in the grip of Western powers and their oppressors’ forces are practically in occupation of their lands on one pretext or the other and the Muslims find themselves living the life of their subservient.

It is high time that Muslims they stand up for their freedom and realize that this world belongs to the people; who possess knowledge, technology, can lay hand on the economical resources and bear innovative minds—- and create the media which keeps the world in control.

Captives and lackeys rarely may become the architect of their own fate.

Mustafa Kamal…

Mustafa Kamal Atattürk was the founder of the secular Turkish state. It is an unfortunate thing that a lot of his policies are still being practiced in Turkey till this day. Women are still not allowed to wear the hijab in Government buildings and schools as it is seen to be a sign of fundamentalism. May Allah SWT bless those who follow His path.

Another high profile guy with the same name and a tyrannical background.

Mustafa Kamal is the District City Nazim (Mayor) of Karachi. Mr. Kamal is one of the well-known members, Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM), which is the third largest political party in Pakistan.

He was born in 1971 in Karachi,Sindh. He studied in Karachi till Intermediate and left for Malaysia where he completed an Associate Diploma in Business Executive studies. He earned his MBA in Marketing from the University of Wales (UK). Before becoming the Mayor of Karachi, he served as a minister for Information Technology with the Sindh government.

He has been associated with the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) for more than a decade. He was working as a call operator in 90, which is the main office of MQM in Azizabad, Karachi. He was nominated as Mayor (City Nazim) by the Haq Parast panel, in local bodies election. He won by 1,493 votes against 800 votes obtained by his main rival, former city nazim Naimatullah Khan, fielded by the Tameer-i-Karachi Ittehad of the combined opposition parties.

Immediately after Hakeem Saeed’s death an MQM tout was arrested & when brain washed he accepted the murder saying We are ordered to kill all such personalities in Pakistan that own respect & have high moral values among the public. Reason he replied was to create a situation of anarchy/unrest in Pakistan so that no foreign investor may enter Pakistan for any sort of investment that may play a role in Pakistan’s development & actively discourage any political or financial stability in Pakistan.

Mustafa Kamal is rated as a white collar official of the muthaida Qaumi movement who was involved in the murder of Azeem Tariq an MQM front head, and it is said if Azeem Tariq was alive MQM would have been nominated as the best party. Kamal was responsible to open the doors of the bungalow when the gun men came to shoot Azeem Tariq at his residence. Kamal was promised the mayor ship if he kept quiet and did the job assigned to him by Altaf Hussain. The Video footages below are sufficient to prove the case.

The ashura bombast was another attempt by Muthahida to fulfil the 2020 plan to develop Karachi and change the raw shops into shopping malls. The citations and sources are given below

Dawn 27th May1999

Geo “Kamran Khan ke Sath” 16th December 2008


Defeated Mentality…

Monday, December 28, 2009 at 6:28pm

Last noon when I was listening to the speech of Mr. Zardari I was in the company of many X-perts. I must say Mr. Zardari tried very hard to copy  Z.A. Bhutto but like every field of life copy do not work in politics either, may be because of the reason that in politics situation is more important than the personality. President was trying to give many messages in an aggressive way. Till now the whole mainstream media is trying to decode the message of Mr president, but so far every analyst come up with a new translation of what Zardari said.

A few of them unanimously says that he was targeting the GHQ specifically as well as the establishment in particular. He mentioned some non state factors who are trying to rule this government out. I don’t know who are these non state actors, it cant be judiciary  as it’s a state’s organization, if he want to describe media  in these words than I don’t think media is as strong factor which can remove a government, and now the third thing which come in my mind is Army but how come a supreme commander of armed forces can call army as a non state actor.

To me Mr. Zardari was totally confused while he was proving his point and declaring that he is  ready to face everything. I think it’s the right time when all main figures of this game of chess must sit together and talk to resolve the issue. Because, if there is going to be any collapse between authorities it will end in nothing but a disaster.

One more thing which was very common rapidly heard in that speech was “I”. It was totally a ridicules thing for me to  take credit of every single thing which was a result of a joint effort, circumstances or either an accident. We all know who was behind the NFC Awards “success”,  friends of Democratic Pakistan was not a “crime” committed by Zardari, it was an initiative of “Mushi”, Zardari was not the one who won the battle in Swat, and last but not the least it is not Zardari who is going to build new dams.

To me being a “federal symbol”  he was supposed to use the word of “we” or “our government”. While he was counting his so called accomplishments, an X-pert who was sitting with me and listening to the speech carefully, said “ you know when a leader is making speech it means he is either going or the countdown has begun”.

I don’t know why, but this one line of Mr. Xpert influenced my whole opinion. Apparently President was really charged and aggressive and talking about all the conspiracies against him and the government, but to me; all the words were the production of a defited mentality. The whole government is confused on the drop scene of NRO, and trying different things like showing Sindh card, threatening to counter any act to harm the democracy.

In fact there is no strategy in the pocket of PPP to coup the whole situation, and in coming days there can be some serious thing happen. At that time it will not be easy for them to counter the whole situation and the Sindh card may act as a last resort. I think it’s a time when prescient should think like a president of Pakistan, rather than a Sindhi “mazloom”, or a chairperson of PPP. Its time to decide and proof that it is not a defeated mentality.


A puppet show to pay tribute…

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 1:28pm

Many of you might have read this Ad in papers. It did bring a sad smile. I was just wondering how worst could be politics?May be it has no limit or it is as deep as feelings of love. Ok this is not a good comparison. Comparing love with politics is just like comparing Baingan ki Tarkari with Biryani. (:-))

So MQM had been mourning about BiBi on Sunday that someone offended Shaheed’s memorial. In Pakistan earning the title of Shaheed is much easier than getting a mobile connection. Just join a political party, get killed and enjoy the luxuries of Jannah .

Anyways, this is same MQM who kicked Aamir Liaquat out from the party because he condemned Rushdie. The same MQM is giving more importance to Benazir than a Prophet(saw).Aiyaz Billah. I mean, there should be a limit. It’s not that MQM is loyal to PPP. It’s all about politics. The political Mujras will never end. Every time I hear such news about MQM, I feel ashamed that I used to support this party in past. Thankfully I don’t support anymore but many of my friends still support them. May Allah give them Hidayah and to every one who support such fascist party. People tell stories of MQM when it rose in 1985…but now when u compare the old MQM with new one…its just a puppet show…

“No other political party has changed drastically like i have seem MQM, it started of as a platform for the suppressed and now it works as a brothel for the prostitutes”- Imran Khan


Does any party have a written ideology??? If yes do they execute??? Tehreek-e-Insaf does…

Sunday, March 22, 2009 at 12:47pm

“All our national life stooges of the past and present colonial masters have led us. Their contribution has been merely to mortgage our children’s future and shot change our dignity by making compromises under the guise of the much-abused supreme national interest.”

Our Ideology

As a nation we cannot progress as long as our economy depends on handouts from international lenders and donors. The policies of international lenders have strangulated the capacity of the ordinary citizen to live a life of dignity. We must strive for self-reliance. The goal of self-reliance does not in any way imply that we isolate ourselves from the global economy. It only shows our conviction that by restoring the trust of the people in public institutions we can harness their potential and mobilize them for a better tomorrow.

We offer a new and credible leadership that is committed to restoring Pakistan’s political and economic sovereignty by building a new bond of trust between the government and the people. Only through the active participation of the people can we collectively mobilize our human and material resources to forge ahead on the road to a confident and self-reliant nation.

We are committed to political stability through credible democracy, transparency in government and accountability of leadership. We believe in federalism and functional autonomy to the provinces.

We strive a moderate society that banishes hatred and religious bigotry. We are focused on addressing the root causes of religious extremism, which are injustice, poverty, unemployment, and illiteracy while Islam and the Two-Nation Theory remain the bedrock of Pakistan’s foundations, religious dogma must not be used to whip up passions to create fear in society. On the contrary, a truly Islamic society advocates tolerance, moderation and freedom to practice the religion of one’s choice without fear. Sectarianism is a curse that must be eliminated from society.

Our family values bind society. We must preserve and strengthen them, as they are our strengths for the future. Despite the grinding poverty and injustice, it is the structure of the family that keeps the social fabric intact. Mere passing laws do not change ground realities that force parents to send their children to work. We cannot ignore the present dismal of the children in terms of their right to healthcare, nutrition, and education. Our mothers need to be healthy and educated to properly nurture our young.

An Islamic Society must care for its senior citizens who are most vulnerable. They need special attention and care as not only are they vulnerable, but also most valuable and yet most neglected part of society.

Pakistan is a great experiment in nurturing and sustaining political unity among diverse people based on common ideology. Despite the common strands of national unity, we have rich and diverse cultures, including those of the religious minorities. Cultural and ethnic diversity doesn’t bring discord but makes our society rich and tolerant. We must nurture and allow every opportunity for this diversity of culture and traditions to flourish.

Our Mission

To establish a just society based on human values while continuously upholding the self-esteem of the nation. The PTI will restore the sovereign and inalienable right of the people to choose political and economic options in accordance with our social, cultural, and religious values. We are broad-based movement for change whose mission is to create a free society based on justice. We know that national renewal is only possible if people are truly free.

Our leadership approaches the people with sincerity and a sense of history and we pledge to commitment to:

Freedom from Political, Economic and Mental Slavery – A self reliant modern Islamic Republic
Freedom from Injustice – Inexpensive and quick dispensation of justice
Freedom from Poverty – 50 percent increase in per capita income in 5 years
Freedom from Unemployment – Two million new jobs every year
Freedom from Homelessness – 2.0 lac new housing units every year and complete ownership right to millions living in Katchi Abadis
Freedom from Illiteracy – Full literacy in 5 years
Freedom to Generate Wealth – Abolition of personal income tax
Freedom from Fear – Complete Freedom of thought and expression
Freedom for Women – Free education up to Matric for girls from poor households.
Equal right for minorities – no religious discrimination

An aweful act by the Police
watch it:

This was threek-e-insaaf who kept quiet, the cases were withdrawn and the police sergants were NOT suspended nor any legal action was taken…

by Miqdad Sibtain, Member I AM PAKISTAN, PIHR


Pakistan Long March : Welcome Welcome Welcome…

Monday, March 16, 2009 at 1:41am

Pakistanis have risen up to the occasion. For them its the selection from the two choices. Either they have to surrender to the dictatorship or they sacrifice to get the democracy. Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary said ‘No’ to dictatorship on March 9, 2007 and now Pakistanis from Karachi to Khyber are saying ‘No’ to the civilian dictator Asif Ali Zardari, who in his vested interest, blind ego and mindless stubbornness is refusing to accept the new sun. It’s a changed Pakistan.
The long march of lawyers, civil society, trade unions, and political workers with the support of people from all the walks of life is not about the person of Iftikhar Chaudhry or Nawaz Sharif or Imran Khan or Qazi Hussain Ahmad. It is a march against the status quo and must succeed in order to usher in the much-needed change in the constitutional structure, political culture and social ethos of this country, which has seen many dreams unfulfilled, which has seen many dictators and which has seen many a crisis. Without justice, Pakistan will be unable to sustain a moderate society or prosper as a democratic polity.
Even the army dictator was unable to leash the anger and fury of the people and he was unable to block the way of justice. How could a criminal and looter who in the garb of president could be able to counter the movement for justice? Even his party members are leaving him and jumping from his sinking ship.
The lawyers’ movement has challenged the feudal mindset expressing itself anywhere in the power structures of Islamabad, Lahore adn Karachi. Pervez Musharraf with the help of MQM managed to kill people in Karachi on 12th May, and he intended to kill more during the long march in his era. Now Zardari has once again tried to kill long march by kidnapping many lawyers in Karachi with the help of MQM goons, and now he wants to dilute the long march in Punjab with the help of state terrorism, but he forgets that he may be a big thug in Nawab Shah, but this is a different ballgame altogether.
Pakistani politics has a history whereby those in power have handpicked their own chief justices to their liking. Asif Ali Zardari wants to do the same, but not anymore. Dogar has to go. This time Pakistani people will choose their chief justice.
History repeats itself. In 1972 Pakistan surrendered Bangladesh when Mujib-ur-Rehman pressed the government to be the minister, the country was economically recessed, and now we see a political bargain between parties. A hard-hitting match which awaits results.

No questions on this note would be answered as points in this article are solely taken from the published report of FIA. the points highlighted in the article are either taken from newspaper cuttings or media news.

The points, facts and figures were provided by Rohail Butt, Chief Editor, Express news


Long March or Wrong March…

Monday, March 16, 2009 at 1:23am

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan—The Pakistani military will not intervene to protect President Asif Ali Zardari or his nemesis Nawaz Sharif. Although firmly opposed to intervention as per the wishes of Army Chief Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the Pakistani military is nonetheless exploring all options to deal with the looming specter of a total collapse of government leading to anarchy across the country.

There is a common feeling in military circles that Pakistan’s elite political class should bear the responsibility for its decisions. The full range of the public administration abilities of these politicians, many of whom have been elected more than twice and thrice, are exposed as sharply lacking. The political class consists of people who are recycled, tried, tested and failed.

But the ineptitude of Pakistani politicians has entered a dangerous phase now. The new threat includes creating an ethnic confrontation between two provinces, Sindh and Punjab, which could result from the aggressive drive by Mr. Nawaz Sharif to dislodge the Zardari government.

This time Pakistanis are seeing a breathtaking failure and irresponsible behavior across the board.


The incompetence of President Zardari is evident in the manner in which he deliberately pushed all his political enemies to align themselves against him simultaneously. The support for Mr. Zardari’s government from the United States and the United Kingdom is a matter of deep concern for many Pakistanis. These Pakistanis feel that Mr. Zardari’s government is a vehicle for Washington and London to contain Pakistan’s military, intelligence agencies and its nuclear and advanced missile programs. They cite the examples of the behavior of this government in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, the attempts to sideline and dismantle ISI, and the acceptance of U.S. military’s aerial and ground border violations. In this sense, Mr. Zardari has few friends within the Pakistani public opinion. His ouster is the demand of most Pakistani nationalists.

But Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s role is no less deceptive and destructive than that of Mr. Zardari’s. The former premier, who is denouncing Mr. Zardari today, played the most important role in helping Mr. Zardari become President. Nawaz Sharif helped Zardari come to power. It is hypocritical for Mr. Sharif now to condemn NRO (the law that Musharraf promulgated on Anglo-American desire to facilitate the return of the Bhutto-Zardari combine back to power) when his own political career is at stake. Nawaz Sharif’s recent outbursts are not principled politics but revenge. The sorry part is that the lawyers and the media have failed to put this opportunism by Mr. Sharif on the spotlight.

Mr. Sharif has also declared ‘rebellion’ against the State and has encouraged policemen and government officials to declare mutiny. This is the most dangerous aspect of this crisis. The fact that Pakistani television commentators have almost ignored this dangerous call is surprising. For those Pakistanis who had condemned, in 2005, the rebellion against the State by politician-turned-terrorist Akbar Bugti, Mr. Sharif’s statements came as a shock. It is possible that in the near future, Bugti-wannabes will quote Sharif’s example to justify such rebellions. Their argument will be, ‘You ignore the calls for rebellion from Punjab politicians but condemn those from smaller provinces.’

Another alarming development was how Mr. Sharif resorted to portray his issues with Mr. Zardari as a battle between the entire Punjab province and a President from Sindh.

This use of the so-called ‘Punjab card’ by the Sharif brothers sets a dangerous precedent. Pakistan’s security managers must stay alert to the possibility of trouble in Sindh if the Zardari government falls. There are indications that subversive elements will stoke trouble by suggesting that Mr. Zardari’s government crumbled due to a mutiny led by Punjab.

This is why it is important that Mr. Nawaz Sharif does not emerge from this crisis with more political influence than what he had before the crisis. Pakistanis are right in wanting Mr. Zardari and his team out, but the Sharif brothers are not the right replacement. This is also why it is important to heed the advice of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain of the PML-Q. Shujaat has proposed a three-party coalition government in Punjab, where Mr. Sharif will have to share power with both PPPP and PML-Q.


It was surprising to see some Pakistani commentators describe the panicked American and British diplomatic moves to save the Zardari government as ‘good this time’ because, in the words of these commentators, the two countries were trying to stabilize Pakistan and save democracy.

The reality comes with a twist. Such naïveté on the part of some Pakistanis is unfortunate and shows the extent to which Pakistan stands confused and disturbed thanks to the constant barrage of Anglo-American psychological operations, missile attacks, and covert insurgencies being waged against this country by the powers that occupy Afghanistan.

The fact is that Washington and London moved swiftly to save the Zardari government regardless of whether they like Mr. Zardari or not. This is a government in which Washington had made huge investment. It is part of a ‘deal’ linked to the Anglo-American interests in the region.

It is incorrect that Washington ‘does not trust’ President Zardari, as some Pakistani commentators have been saying recently. The Americans accepted Benazir Bhutto after a long neglect when they felt they needed to counterbalance the Pakistani military and Musharraf, whom America and Britain did not trust.

President Zardari is as acceptable to Washington and London as Benazir Bhutto was when the ‘deal’ was brokered by the two capitals to force a beleaguered Musharraf to share power with someone the Anglo-Americans could trust.

The real problem this time was that President Zardari made an unnecessary move that threatened this government and made the military takeover look good to many Pakistanis. The Americans need this democracy so that they can use its players to counterbalance the Pakistani military in Afghanistan and Kashmir. They know it is easy to meddle in Pakistan. They know that Pakistani politicians are characterless, corrupt and easily buyable through money and power. There are no political parties in Pakistan, only political families with their own interests. It is easy for foreign powers to manipulate these players for their interests.

So U.S. and U.K. intervened to save ‘democracy’ and avert the scary possibility of the Anglo-Americans having to deal with the Pakistani military in the driving seat again.


Despite the good intentioned statements to the contrary, the lawyers’ movement has become thoroughly politicized by now. Pakistanis have noticed how Mr. Nawaz Sharif, a political partisan with his own agenda, has become the face of the movement and its official spokesperson.

In 2007, wily politicians too scared to directly confront the military government sheepishly hid behind the lawyers’ movement and used it to topple the military government.

In 2008, the politicians ditched the lawyers and refused to boycott elections under a military ruler.

In 2009, one politician, Nawaz Sharif, is using the lawyers to topple another politician, Asif Zardari.

Chaudhry Aitzaz Ahsan played a key role in turning the movement into a tool for ambitious politicians. Chaudhry Iftikhar, the deposed chief justice, would have done a great service by decisively shunning this overt politicization. But even he, after being released from house arrest in March 2008, dashed straight to the residence of Asif Zardari, not a president then but the leader of the party in government, to thank him for releasing him. When Zardari shunned him, Iftikhar is now basking in the glory of Mr. Sharif.

Mr. Sharif is no innocent political player and the message of change that the lawyers’ movement is promoting cannot happen with Mr. Sharif at the helm.

The question is: Have the two Chaudhrys – Iftikhar and Aitzaz – irreparably politicized the noble cause of an independent judiciary? If he is restored, will Chaudhry Iftikhar be in a position to fairly deal with Mr. Sharif and the other political players in the country?

Then there is also this: Pakistan does need an independent judiciary. But this should come as part of wider changes in the entire political system that is falling apart. Merely reinstating a few judges, who are also now politicized, will never solve the problem for good.


The media in Pakistan has also gone berserk, becoming political partisan under the pretext of siding with truth. First its hype helped these failed politicians come to power. The media failed to help the Pakistani public opinion ask questions about the past record of these politicians before electing them. During the run-up to the 2008 elections, the media suppressed any criticism of these politicians under the pretext of fighting dictatorship. And today when these politicians have plunged the nation into another unnecessary confrontation because of their lust for power, the media has readily become a tool in this fight, siding with one party against another. Until now, there is no regulation whatsoever of this important medium of influence. Other countries have sophisticated media management systems that wage diplomatic and military wars. In Pakistan, this important pillar of national security is running amok.


If democracy could turn into horror, it just did in Pakistan. Politicians and partisan activists posing as civil society have just turned Pakistan into the butt of global jokes: a nation with vast economic, geographic, cultural and military potential that is unable to produce a mature, educated leadership.

This internal chaos is excellent fodder for the propaganda that strong lobbies in the United States have been engaging in against Pakistan over the past two years, trying to convince the world that Pakistan is a dangerous country that desperately needs U.S. military intervention and containment of its nuclear and strategic programs.

The worst part is that even if the judges are restored and Mr. Nawaz Sharif’s government in Punjab is reinstated, this failed political system in Pakistan will keep generating artificial tensions and crises linked to dogfights among politicians over booty. Pakistan is ripe for a major overhaul in its political structure and foreign policy. Sooner or later, the ball will fall in the military’s court. When that happens, the military better be ready with creative solutions because old-style coups won’t work this time.


Beneficiaries of Attack on Sri Lankan Team on 3/3…

Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 3:22pm

Salute to ‘Sepoys’ of Elite Police Force, condolence to the family of deceased. The loyal policemen laid lives to protect guests and to
protect integrity of the homeland.
Three blasts heard (probably of grenades) in the vicinity near Liberty round about then bullet firing heard by the travelers en-route to their work places. The people traveling in cars came out and sat besides the cars opposite to firing area. When the firing become
immense people left cars and ran to hide. People on foot we already in the hideouts nearby. The shootout remained for almost 20~25 minutes, some say for half and hour.
Elite force mobile squad usually patrol with normal ammunition stock to defy any emergency. They eventually faced fierce fire from opposite then they became out of ammunition. But the question arises, that almost at 100 m from Liberty round about there is a police station and office of Superintendent of Police where staff should be available. No one came to support the Elite force to protect Sir Lankan Team in the battle of twenty minutes.
The attackers (approximately 12) fired bullets on tires of bus containing Sri Lankan Official and team then they fired bullets on the
bus. After this action of about 25 minutes they cleaned their ammunition to remove finger prints and threw it on ground along with mousers, hand grenades, RPGs & suicide bombing jackets and dispersed from the scene. They might have used small roads around liberty market to escape. The attackers were young and below the age of 25.
Unconfirmed reports are that one or two of the attackers were killed behind Liberty market and their bodies have been removed from the scene by the law enforcement agencies for their identification / DNA Test.
It was a shameful and coward act. Our religion does not allow to attack on the guests. Furthermore, none of the political, sectarian or
religious groups or parties are against sports in Pakistan, therefore, proof of the presence foreign element directly or indirectly cannot be eradicated in this heinous crime.
Reports of shifting of logistic centers from NWFP to Punjab, political unstable situation recently created in Punjab, ruling party eagerness to occupy all segments of government (by hook or crook) in Pakistan, Indian interest to prohibit Sri Lankan team to visit Pakistan, major transfers in the government machinery of Punjab, poor security provide to the visiting team and many other factors not prominent now made the environment friendly for the attackers.
The attackers may have been hired by terrorist groups within India using Mumbai Attacks as convincing issue to perform for a national cause. Leaders need to think and revise their policies to serve the Nation and to protect the country and stop acting like they had been given last opportunity to rule.
I leave this to you…What if that the whole scene was a political revenge, Lead by Political leaders and a set created to portray that it was India???

By: Mohammad Miqdad, Secretary Research and Development Department, UYK


Zardari’s Extortion or Khanani and Kalia are Culprits?…

Tuesday, December 30, 2008 at 10:44pm

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has landed with a thudding sound on the money launderers across the country, and for a country tottering on bankruptcy, this crack down on the money birds is nothing but a welcome sign. As FIA and other investigation teams are concentrating on apprehending on those who are involved in flighting the dollars outside of the country, some fingers (not unexpectedly) are also being lifted at the president Zardari, due to his past.
As nobody knows about the amount of assets and belongings of Asif Ali Zardari, and the reeking and the most illegal act of law on planet is there to umbrella upon the president and also the past practices of extorting money from the industrialists by the man are still haunting, and that is why as the top money exchangers in the country are being raided upon, some people are claiming that as these money exchangers refused to pay extortion money to the front men of Zardari, that is why they are being made an example for others to follow the lead silently.
But even with NRO and the Zardari past, it looks pretty much absurd to think that Munaf Kalia and Javed Khanani, Rustam and others money masters are as innocent as angels and it all has been cooked up by the FIA former boss Rehman Malik who is now the all in all the PPP government. Javed Khanani and Munaf Kalia were arrested on Saturday in a crackdown by the FIA’s Crime Circle Wing after the flight of around $10 billion from the country. The transfer of dollars by different money changers during the last two months has exacerbated the steep increase in the rate of the US dollar in Pakistan’s currency markets. As soon as both men have been arrested before they managed to flee the country, the rate of US dollar has come down sharply easing little burden off the sagging shoulders of the economic sector.
When the country needed hard cash most, these Khananis and Kalias and others like them acted as front men to some 32 most rich persons in Pakistan and sent billions of dollars out of the country. The involvement in the illegal transfer of money to Europe, the Gulf states, the US and other countries of Khanani and Kalia was not secret, but as they were backed by the riches, they were never comprehended but this time they crossed all limits and literally choked down the economy and even the sleepy bird like FIA forgot to spy on the politicians and acted in the right direction.
Government of Pakistan should also make sure that they end up the system of “Hundi” and “Hawala” and make sure that the banks are not bypassed in transferring money to and from Pakistan. Billions of rupees are transferred from and into Pakistan through the process that has become an established business in the country, and that has been giving hard blows to the economy for the last several years. Zardari should also let go of NRO and clean up his act and he must declare his assets, otherwise he is the most soft target in the country.
Uncovered Truth: On interviewing Mr. Asad Sanasharuf a close friend of KK group gave his statement. The sources could not be mentioned due to security reasons:
The blog is written without going into the ground realities, KK is just the victim of extortion, i have a chance to be in near a executive of the KK setup, he told me a month a ago that the KK bosses have been contacted by the Zardari thugs for commission of Rs.2 billion, which the bosses refuse and argues. Last night when i heard about the report of KK bosses arrest i had a sarcastic smile for i know the back ground. Yes they have made a example out of KK group an example which no business man will forget.

By Miqdad Sibtain
Invigorating Idea’s (Article 17)


A Heinous Act…

Sunday, December 28, 2008 at 12:56am

I would like to highlight the fake effort made by Ansar Burney. Ansar Burney, the leading Pakistani human rights activist who fought for the release of Indian death row prisoners Kashmir Singh and Sarabjit Singh in Pakistan, was deported from New Delhi back to Dubai.
Burney, who was the Human Rights Minister in the interim government in Pakistan, was deported back from India because of a “look-out” notice against him.
Burney successfully secured the release of Kashmir Singh, who spent 35 years on death row in a Lahore jail, on February 20 this year as President Pervez Musharraf approved his mercy petition filed on the Indian’s behalf by the Human Rights ministry.
Burney is also playing a key role in efforts to save Sarabjit Singh, who was charged with triggering bomb blasts in Lahore in 1990, from the gallows.
It was his efforts that led to Pakistan government’s indefinitely postponing execution of Sarabjiit earlier this month. The headlines say Burney is a Human rights activist, is he one of them? Releasing terrorists and putting the country on risk is what Burney is doing? Why is he favouring terrorists? For money or to gain recognition? Sarabjit and Kashmir Singh both are Indian citizens, if the Indian government is not making any effort to release its citizens so why is Burney desperate to work for their release? Or is he working as an agent for India, working for their cause?
The government is not thinking positively instead it is providing ground to these corrupt workers and making Pakistan more prone to risks. The government is just acting as a puppet for other countries. Earning money in the name of trusts and charity is just as shameful as being a pimp. Elimination of corruption is what Pakistan requires, if the country continues in the same way, I am quite sure Pakistan would die one day.

Miqdad Sibtain
22nd November 2008
Daily Times Karachi

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  8. @Shifa I’ve stopped writing articles now specially on political issues

  9. @Murwana Anytime, u’re always welcome, i guess you;re done with your project???

  10. Mustafa Aleem says:

    Awesome, i’m impressed… NRO is what i want next ;-D

  11. Anza Azam says:

    i really dont know how to appreciate? i am not political sorta a person 😉

  12. Dry Shell says:

    The first one was awesome

  13. Rahim Qadri says:

    You are against all the parties? U support PTA right? i thought you were a PPP supporter 🙂

  14. Guns down… i dont support any of the political parties…

  15. Altamash Jiva says:

    I really appreciate your effort, besides blogging you write articles too. and its impressive

  16. Ali Nawaz says:

    Face Book is Temporarily Banned in Pakistan…
    I think its the best one can do…….. its damage in enormous …… young people are getting into bad habits

  17. Jamal Panwahar says:

    Hi Miqdad,
    All mighty Allah cannot be caricatured or blasphemed in any way by Facebook or Youtube because he is almight Holy Allah.then why this type of provocation? Basically it shows the insecurity of ordinary Muslims who are purposely provoked.Just ignore them and nothing will happen. I remember sometime back they showed Jesus christ as having sex with Mary magdalene and it was annoying but once ignored, the publicity was not there.Now people know facebook and You tube and the owners of these sites have benefitted monetarily.

  18. eqjdbmvhhse says:

    Nice to see you back 🙂

  19. pomoFeelimi says:

    Hello! Can you tell me how i can subscribe to your blog

  20. Very interesting and useful information, thanks!

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  24. couccundfen says:

    i am really impressed by your piece of work

  25. A better way to portray your point of view

  26. You must right more often

  27. MoffDrord says:

    A good political sense of understanding. i really appreciate the effort

  28. thulsersFus says:

    A hardcore revolutionist seems to write this blog. Impressive

  29. thulsersFus says:

    Amazing collection of wonderful content

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