The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF) and Intel Corporation announced today a collaboration aimed at improving research and treatment for Parkinson’s disease — a neurodegenerative brain disease second only to Alzheimer’s in worldwide prevalence. The collaboration includes a multiphase research study using a new big data analytics platform that detects patterns in participant data collected from wearable technologies used to monitor symptoms. This effort is an important step in enabling researchers and physicians to measure progression of the disease and to speed progress toward breakthroughs in drug development.

“Nearly 200 years after Parkinson’s disease was first described by Dr. James Parkinson in 1817, we are still subjectively measuring Parkinson’s disease largely the same way doctors did then,” said Todd Sherer, PhD, CEO of The Michael J. Fox Foundation.“Data science, wearable computing and data from other sources hold the potential to transform our ability to capture and objectively measure patients’ actual experience of disease, with unprecedented implications for Parkinson’s drug development, diagnosis and treatment.”

“The variability in Parkinson’s symptoms creates unique challenges in monitoring progression of the disease,” said Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of Intel’s Data Center Group. “Emerging technologies can not only create a new paradigm for measurement of Parkinson’s, but as more data is made available to the medical community, it may also point to currently unidentified features of the disease that could lead to new areas of research.”


Karachi, March 19,, the leading real estate classifieds player in Asia, Africa and Latin America, held an interactive session today where Country Director Saad Arshed briefed the media about the success of the venture in Pakistan. has become the market leader in Pakistan in terms of growth as it is uploading more than 15,000 properties per month.

Launched last year, the venture has made tremendous inroads in the market and has captured a sizeable portion. The online portal has managed to bring more than 500 trusted real estate agents on board and has 35,000 active property listings for thousands of visitors every day. Within this short span of time, the portal has also launched a mobile version of the website to provide the smart phone users an interface that is easy to operate.’s service is straight forward, whether people are looking for properties for rent or for sale, the internet platform enables customers to easily find or sell their house, apartment, commercial property or land online. At the same time, property providers and agents get a trusted online presence through a personalized webpage.


Speaking on the occasion Saad Arshed, Country Director, said that “Over the course of the last few months we have successfully developed our real estate website in Pakistan. Internet users are growing exponentially in the country and is fully cognizant of this fact. We wish to provide our customers with the best deals for private and commercial properties wherever and whenever they want. Keeping in view the demand, we have already launched a mobile version of the website to enable the 15 million smart phone users easy access to the website without logging on to their personal computers. We will continue to bring further innovations in the real estate market to make the rent and sale of properties a hassle free process.”

Key characteristics of are its diverse property offers, the intuitive website set-up and the high security standards to avoid fraud. The business platform operates under a high level of transparency through professional photos, updated listings, detailed descriptions, reports and rankings for all of its properties in each market. The platform helps brokers to manage their inventory fast, easy and stress-free.

About Lamudi
Lamudi was founded in 2013 and is currently available in Algeria, Bangladesh, Colombia, Ghana, Kenya, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Rwanda, Peru, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Tunisia and in Uganda. Its real estate marketplace offers sellers, buyers, landlords and renters the ideal platform to find homes, land and commercial properties online.

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Real change begins when individuals join forces to take collective action…

Karachi, October 5: Engro launched the ‘I Am The Change’ campaign to honor efforts of individuals who are impacting life of marginalized communities in the spheres of education, health and livelihoods. The campaign was launched amid a bloggers and media meet held in Karachi.

I Am the Change is a digital competition to recognize the efforts of Pakistani individuals and institutions who have joined forces in a relentless pursuit of shaping a better tomorrow, as they strive for change through long-term investments in the key areas of education, livelihoods and health.

Speaking at the occasion, the keynote speaker Sarfaraz A. Rehman – CEO, Engro Foods said, “We strongly believe in investing in tomorrow by taking complete ownership to inspire change. Our business strategies too are aligned with our vision of creating a sustainable future and serving all our stakeholders beyond their expectations. We take ownership of the welfare and growth of the communities in which we operate and the ‘I Am The Change’ initiative is a magnification of our outreach to a multitude of individuals and institutions operating outside the communities that host us. Our focus through this campaign essentially is to help and empower these unsung heroes so that they can expand the magnitude of their benefits to the masses.”

To participate in the ‘I Am The Change’ competition, nominations can be submitted through the dedicated microsite The entries will be judged by a panel of judges. Winners of the competition will be selected on the basis of the scope of their social work; level of impact, number of beneficiaries and the ability to replicate the program amongst other key considerations.

All entries must be submitted online by December 2013. Details about the competition can be accessed on I Am The Change official website or Engro Foundation’s Facebook page

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The recent Peshawar airport attacks has left many speechless, a valiant effort by the so called militant movements, they make it again to the bases of Pakistan and the security agencies once again scratch their heads on what is happening. First the Mehran base in Karachi left several injured and now the Bacha Khan airport with an in-built air base was attacked jeopardizing the life of several civilians. A foreign threat comes from nowhere and threats the sovereignty of the state and we have no one to counter the attacks and hence we see a heavy collateral damage. After the attacks the concluding sentence was Peshawar airport attack kills 10, injures more than 50 where 3 terrorists are shot dead and one security official is killed. I am dumfound at the fact that there is so much going on in Pakistan, first the Malala tale then the series of Moharram bombings and now this Peshawar airport attack and our people have sympathies with the entire world other than the issue their very own country faces. Gaza and Connecticut incidents seem way too important rather than the domestic massacres we see every day. A picture release after the Peshawar incident identifies an Uzbek terrorist and the tattoos drawn on his back claiming it was Black water or a CIA intervention. Well an intelligent mind lays America and Taliban in the same plate so why waste time in flooding social media news feed. Attacks from either of the two entities are not trivial. It’s an American war we are fighting against someone who we cannot identify ourselves. Pakistan is in a state of war and attempts are made to further deteriorate Pakistan before the 2013 elections so either the elections are suspended or if they do happen Pakistan People’s Party steals the seat again and rule for a tenure of another 5 years.

Malala Yousufzai fly’s in the air these days, the name which last got projection in January 2012, was nowhere to be found till Malala was attacked, and this week she took 30 minutes of airtime from each of the most reputable news channels. Political parties pay millions for this piece of airtime, but talking about Malala for 30 minutes straight is something to worry about. Who pays the media for projecting Malala so much? A question that is never countered or just diplomatically handled by our very own interior minister.
Malala Yousuf Zai was attacked on the 8th of October and till date millions of rupees have been spent to bring her back to life. The money which the government earns from the tax payers. A fourteen year old gets a VIP cure and the media creates such a flimflam that without Malala Gilgiti revolution would revert back. What about the hundreds of thousands of children in Waziristan who got killed by the US drones, what about the sectarian violence in Karachi that kills more than 10 people on average every day? Are we setting a criterion that the learned gets the best of treatment while the illiterate is left to die?
The Swat flogging video that came out previously, shook the world, later on it was confirmed that the video was bogus, the fake flogging incident resulted in the Swat operation and now attacks on Malala reconfirm that the government plans to operate Waziristan.
We have miserably failed as a nation-state. Jinnah had a dream, and we failed him. The more political parties are born, the more ideologies we have and that means Pakistan breaks in to more slices. Malala’s incident is just a political stunt to fool the masses. The government has something big in mind and above that the upcoming elections, PPPP will have it in their manifesto “We saved Malala Yousuf Zai, a Pakistani revolutionary” and we’ll sit here only, spectate and clap.

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The Shia Sunni argument has now taken new turns; it has brutally mutilated both the sects and has further divided them into dissimilar sects. The assimilation of foreign culture has made the Shia minority more vulnerable. The recent invention of a new tutoring board, called the Agha Khan Board has left several Shia clerics in shudder, where the board moves from a conservative mind set to a liberal one. Music, which is rated as unlawful by all Muslims be it Shia or Sunni this board out rules the fact and passes a judgment saying music is lawful. Recently the outline and curriculum of this board was implemented in quite a few schools which made many Shia families uncomfortable. This is one more divergent, where the boundary line of Shism and Ismaielism overlap. Many Shia-centric families boycotted the system but many went along it, averring they had no other choice but to opt for the vexatious board.

The Agha Khan board has been premeditated and made in such a manner that it facilitates the Shia (Ismaeli’s) the most, forgetting the fact that the Shia (Ismaeili’s) and Shia (Twelver’s) are two entirely different sects which do not even agree on one pillar of Islam reciprocally.

The Agha Khan board seems to find the Shia (Twelvers) themselves or was it structured in such a way that it had to adapt the new educational system?

Jameel Yousuf, A Sunni converted to Shia, currently the chairman of the Agha Khan Education board and a former CPLC chief, has brought the system in the Shia community, where he himself belongs too. The Al-Murtaza School which runs under him sees a new face of shism, which allows co-education and ranks the hearing of music lawful. The black sheep is nowhere but someone too bulbous and within the community.

The government seems to do nothing about the issue, oh well I am sorry, the government has nothing to with Islam or anything related to Islam. Even the Shia clerics seem to do nothing. These clerics can gather outside the parliament house and protest against the sectarian killings but cannot protest against their very own Jameel Yousuf who is responsible to trash generations, one after the other. We are a bunch of mindless people. We go where we get courtesy, to be more appropriate attention seekers would be the right word. I am no different. I am also the part of these bunches of fools who bark against the entire world when the problem lies amongst us. I regard the infiltration of western culture more destructible than sectarian violence. Let’s opt for a solution, is there any? NO is the answer. We have gone too far where there seem to be no way of returning back.

We Failed Jinnah…

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Pakistan’s populace has at all times consulted the Islamic values for answers to their troubles, although being repetitively thwarted by the recitals of their Islamic leaders. The Jihad extremists groups have caused immense stir in the Pakistani society. Not only that the question of nation’s long-forgotten secularity is questionable under the light of religious intolerance but, the sectarian divide between Sunnis, Shias, Wahabi, Barelvi and Deobandis has come on the surface. Mualvis have been playing rather an extremist role than in actual following the serenity, persistence and tolerance fundamentals taught by Islam. It wouldn’t be wrong to assert that these Islamic movements are more politically prone instead of religion being the focal point. Religion is merely a pedestal to accomplish the political agendas.
Jihad in the light of Islam is striving against one’s own will and it is an effort in the way of Allah. Nonetheless, in Pakistan, there are 22 alliances and organizations that correspond to the Wahhabi/Salafi faction and share greater dynamics in their schools of thought. Among them, only three— the Jamatud-Da’wah (JuD), its auxiliary group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), and one smaller group Jamatul-Mujahedeen (JM)—support radical jihad. An additional Salafi militant group, Tehreekul-Mujahedeen, working in Kashmir, deems its movement, a fraction of the Kashmiri sovereignty struggle.
Besides these factions, each other Wahabi wing regards “Jihad against the Self” (Jihad bil-Nafs) as the superior jihad and deems that militant jihad ought not to be waged unless affirmed by the state. These parties do not regard the jihad in Afghanistan and Kashmir binding. The LeT, JM and JuD are also hostile towards the existing autonomous arrangement in Pakistan and aim to inflict a Khilafah, or the Caliphate, in place of the presidential form of government, while the other Wahabi parties not only distinguish Pakistan as a rightful, legitimate state, but also participate in electoral political affairs independently or in coalition with other political parties.
Former senator and human rights attorney Iqbal Haider believes that jihadi militant groups have devoted Pakistan. He emphasizes that:
‘They have grievously hurt Pakistan’s international image, economy and society. What is the achievement of their so-called jihad? Our society has been brutalized by them.’ (Robert, 2003)
The Islamic extremism has pessimistically impacted the Pakistani society. Likewise, many emergent countries, education are not a priority on the list of essentials. Private education is expensive while, government schools are mostly serving as ghost schools with little to do with standardized education. In such a scenario, where minorities are overlooked, the Muslim majority, particularly the poor Muslims innate are being facilitated by the free madressahs or Islamic schools, especially during Zia’s regime, they gained popularity and were funded by Zakat. However, their creditability lacked in terms of the customary education being taught in them.
These madressahs served as political foreground to train the young minds in to so-called justified terrorism. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy conducted a survey of these schools in Swat- A Talibanised city of Pakistan and revealed in her documentary, how young boys have been trained and falsely led to believe the fruitful reward of suicide bombing in the afterlife. The poor families are paid a monthly stipend to admit their sons in to these schools. Conversely, girls have been banned from acquiring education and hundreds of girls’ schools have been bombarded and demolished.
Pakistan’s interior minister Moinuddin Haider, “stated
‘The brand of Islam they are teaching is not good for Pakistan. Some, in the garb of religious training, are busy fanning sectarian violence and poisoning people’s minds’. (Jessica Stern, 2000)
Terrorism has adversely dented the Pakistan’s economy. The development rate is more so like observing a car accident in a slow motion. Every year the amount of budget allocated on the army and then to counter the terrorist activities is much greater than the development progress. It is annihilating at a faster pace than it is developing. The government has failed to tackle these issues, thus country’s economy is draining out in haste.
All in all, it is the disappointment of those influential’s that have strained Pakistanis into a position of having to decide between sustaining the primal and frequently atrocious conservatism of the Taliban, and a fraudulent and expedient pro-Western regime. It is not only in deteriorating to efficiently confront the political establishment that the lobby group has botched; it is as well by permitting itself to be subjugated by conformist and sectarian Islamic factions such as the Taliban, LET, JUD and others akin to them. The dilemma of the Talibanization of Pakistan’s Islamic culture and dissertation has long been acknowledged and has not been successfully tackled from inside the movement. This was a matter that the Jamaat-e Islami should have been preferably positioned to tackle, known the cerebral integrity of the late Maulana Maududi.
Pakistan has lost its true secularism agenda, mislaid between the forced Islamisation and extremism of the jihadi groups; the state has long forgotten what the leader dictated. In a country where sectarian disputes do not settle, minorities have long been disregarded.
The minorities affiliated with the congress that lost the elections in 1937 were left with no choice but to use religion as a tool. Pakistan has been breeding Islamists since its inception and now even politicians use the religion tool to climb up the hierarchy for instance Imran Khan, a pro-Taliban radical who proves to negotiate with the Taliban’s, a declared terrorist organization which has been banned under 4 governments.
Indeed, Jinnah had a dream and we failed him.

I don’t know whether to commend or condemn Feisal Naqvi for his apparent lack of faith in and disregard for his own countrymen.

Let me first commend him on the fact that he actually acknowledged Imran Khan for what he is doing. I agree with your point that he is a left center politician with semi-jihadist tendencies and that he has some sort of aura with regards to bridging the gap between the poor and wealthy and that that he can convince our youth to actually come out of their comfort zones and come on the streets.

Now let me condemn you, Feisal, what is the difference between your children and Zohair Toru? Are your children not burger babies? Come on, you would be scared to death if one of your kids said “Daddy I am joining the revolution”. You would buy them a nice expensive gift (read: bribe) and tell them to sit themselves down. You act like a righteous lawyer, but where have you been in times when Pakistan has been through hell and back in recent times? It was these burger babies that got your movement going, had it not been for them then you would have been on the streets. Oh wait you are a partner in a law firm, my mistake; you are already a super wealthy lawyer who doesn’t care much about his country.

If you really want to make a difference then don’t sit in your air conditioned office, condemning a kid for doing what he genuinely believes in regardless of how he expresses it, go and do something about it. At least he has shown a modicum of intention. You are no different than the facebook, twitter and myspace users who made fun of this kid with their pseudo-intellectual statuses and comments. It is because of people like you condemning these kids that, a change will never be inevitable. So I humbly request you to please keep your pessimistic attitude to yourself.

We as a whole believe in dirty politics, and that is exactly what has rendered our country incapable of growing as a nation. Our egocentric politicians have been living abroad, they get their kids educated abroad, they have stashed their wealth abroad, but they do not want the masses to obtain knowledge from abroad. Our future is surely the mommy-daddy burger babies as they are perhaps the best domestically educated citizens and have twitted around to see all that happens abroad.

It is time we learn to be human beings that look to cultivate tolerance. Imran Khan is a leader who wants to bring a sense of humanism into politics, something that we have left to the thugs and the gandasa bearers. Politics was a profession of statesmen like the great Quaid, Liaquat Ali Khan, the Aga Khan, Abdur Rab Nishter; demigods worthy of being idolized and followed. The present day politicos are none better than village hoodlums.
So, please let a thousand flowers bloom. If someone who eats better than the starving millions do not ostracize him from taking to politics just because he defied your pre-concieved notion of a ‘burger’. In the big cities, I have seen protesters walk silently on the roadsides or huddled into a square, carrying banners expressing their fears and feelings, with no police anywhere wielding batons as they have all the freedom of expression in a democratic set up. We, in Pakistan, are still following the colonial dictates. It’s time to learn and be civilized, Toru or no Toru. Why blame the upcoming youth, maybe he brings us some sense of fair politics.

Good, grammatically accurate criticism. However, I don’t think any of those who sat at home watching Zohair Toru on youtube, sharing it with people, laughing their rear-ends off, and as Mr. Toru put it “clicking facebook status’” is eligible to pass nasty comments, or more importantly coin the boy as “burger-baby” “mummy-daddy” type. It is sad indeed, that a well-sort writer such as Mr. Naqvi uses immature and cynical words. Look into your own house, are your sons, brothers, nephews or whatever not the sort who sit in front of the PS3 and play games? Who sit among friends, puff out smoke and comment on the political situation thinking they have the poltical genius it takes to run this country. And then have the audacity to laugh at a boy from the same genre who actually went out and spoke for them. Just because of what? His accent? His content? His way of expression? He spoke his heart out; spoke whatever the youth generally feels… How many of you will even let your children out on the street to speak for the nation?
Rather than appreciating the young lad for whatever he did on his part, you mock him by giving him nasty nicknames? It’s nothing but sad, immature, and disgusting really.
Since you are a writer I’m sure you know of the quote, ‘Never throw stones if you live in a house with glass windows.
Look at the people from the same generation in your house, and then judge those who actually “TRY” to do something for the nation built for them, and quit the mockery.
A pointless article, especially for someone who has reached an age that allows a person to comment positively on the efforts of a person who tries his best.

Well I personally think Mr.Toru is man enough to at least opt for a revolution, Why the media is still picking on the Kid despite the fact he came on the television and explained clearly that he at least was doing something better than people sitting at home and making fun of him, is beyond me. He made an effort to come on the streets and yell that it’s time we should wake up, but his efforts are articulated in a negative manner. It’s easy to pen down.  Toru did and unfortunately is criticized for a brave act. I am dumb found at the fact that newspapers promote anti-revolutionary articles/activities.

The courts have acquitted Davis in a perfectly legal manner. Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has said on multiple occasions that the government will abide by the court’s decision, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah has said the Punjab government was not involved in the release.
This leaves only a few loose ends to this James Bond ending to the Davis saga:
The media hype, and inevitable spin, where it remains to be seen what the final TV channel ‘approved narrative’ to this release will be.
The religious/political/other groups who will still hope to milk the Davis case, calling foul, calling for revolution, and calling for toppling the government who will be blamed for letting a murderer loose.
Looking beyond the moral arguments tied into this saga , I would argue that this ‘diplomatic disaster’ has come to a best-case-scenario end. A week from now, the media hype will have died down, several new crises will have emerged, many of which will trump the Davis saga, and the United States and Pakistan will go back to their usual quagmire of issues. Till then, we can all sit back and witness the media wave rise and crash.

Well the President of Pakistan is no more in the lime light. This is my first article on the President of Pakistan.

Sir, hope this critique finds you in the best of well being; unfortunately I cannot regard this piece of writing as an epistle because I’m pretty sure you won’t read it nor people in your cabinet will. Even if you do read the letters posed to you, you are too blotchy to improvise on what you are. It’s been 3 years you are the President of Pakistan and I guess this is the time you worked for, all your life. Mr. Ten Percent is now the most influential personality in Pakistan. Wikipedia states you, as the second richest personage with your source of income as fraud but don’t worry sir I’m sure it’s all your hard earned wealth.

So let’s talk about Pakistan, a country which you swore as your responsibility back in 2007 after Musharraf resigned. Is it still your responsibility or you have other concerns to look at? I am sure this country should be your foremost precedence but unfortunately it’s not. The floods last year were enough to prove that we are a stray nation. The economical downturn we are going through is horrendous. Inflation is on its trudge and politics is one of the most dominant features. Why sir?

According to the constitutional act of 1972; Civilians cannot accuse a President of any crime/corruption; and this is the best possible alternative that has provided
you with a shade of green, under which you screen and exploit the country to its fullest. You were declared the President of Pakistan, which is categorized as an Islamic state and records say that the best selling whisky of Pakistan comes from your brew factory (Indus beverages). Don’t you think with position comes responsibility. Unfortunately you were never wanted as our President but the circumstances the country was going through made it possible for you to snatch the seat from your own darling wife, Benazir, and change your name from Mr.Ten Percent to President Zardari.

As you have seen revolutions in the middle east; starting from Egypt and Tunisia, it’s not far when Pakistan will see one of the most triumphant revolutions in history and then you would have no preference left but to quit. Raymond Davis is another exemplar who lives in this country with a comfy environment just because your step dad has threatened you not to hurt him. Your real dad (Hakim Ali Zardari) who is no one in the government; moves with a police protocol. Your kid (Bilawal Bhutto Zardari) who is best at emulating his uncle, Murtaza Bhutto, his grandfather, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and of course his mom, Benazir Bhutto; is unfortunately still in search of his own identity. Even with the addition of Bhutto in the middle has failed to bring out the real Bhutto in him. When the entire Bhutto family was Zardari less then where did you come from?

Today you have seen the American manipulation and I’m sure you are aware of the fact that you are just here because your papa wants you here. The day revolution strikes Pakistan you’ll be the first one to be disowned by your Political dad, like it took place with Hosni Mubarak (Ex-President of Egypt). You are quite sure that you will end your tenure and silently leave the country but I see your prospect dull.

Sir, do you trust in God? Oh! I’m sorry, Do you believe in God? Any God? I don’t think so. The way you lead your life I’m sure no God teaches its creation to be perfidious, mean and treacherous to its people. Your children may lead a flourishing life but what about you? How can a human being live with inestimable curses all pointing towards him? According to my readings and research most of your possessions are clutched, and I am pretty much sure the rest of the nation considers that too.

Pakistan is 63 years old now with an unstable economy, majority of the nation is not familiar with the term sustainable development and I’m sure you are not even familiar with the spelling. Are you revenging the people of Pakistan or do you have special interest in observing helpless people, who struggle and earn and give their earnings to you in the form of taxes. Another most fundamental issue is that of tax collection. I’m aware of the fact that only 2% businesses pay tax but that 2% makes a huge chunk of money. I do not hold you responsible on your failure to charge tax on a national level because you are made to sit on your red cushioned sofa and smoke Cuban cigars. I heard they cost $425 each. With $425 you can feed 425 underprivileged with lunch and dinner, sir. Can you kindly take out a minute and think please? Or is it too much that I asked for?

In short Pakistan is drowning and in my outlook you are the main source of it. Even if I try on my part to correct what is wrong I will fail and I am sure I will despondently fall short because the roots obscured are rotten. You are forcefully elected as the President of
the state to help the country perk up. You are not even making any efforts. I am afraid if this heedlessness from your side persists, revolution will definitely strike in. I am sure you are not afraid of revolutions because Dubai (UAE) is waiting for you. Just don’t forget the time when Murtaza Bhutto single-handedly trimmed your half mustache, warning you not to meet Benazir again, it was hilarious, but you got the bravo killed in 1997 (Fatima Bhutto-Songs of blood and sword), and for his execution you required 60 police officers. Sir you are a coward, But I can understand the revenge streak you were going through.

I have sent this letter to three newspaper agencies but I’m sure they won’t get it published so I suppose social
media is best to spread the word.I don’t recommend you to change nor do I direct you to resign because warnings are not meant for you, just beware of the consequences and you shall see the result. Good luck sir, with your
future endeavors and I really value the mind you possess.

Your livid Citizen
Miqdad Sibtain